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5 exercises to help children increase height that parents need to know

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PT health Life – Movement and exercise will help strengthen the body’s resistance and increase children’s height, especially now when children are on summer vacation and do not have to go to school. So what sports to practice and how to practice to help children increase height are the questions of many parents?

In fact, most forms of physical activity bring certain benefits to the bone system and height if practiced moderately and properly. However, the effectiveness of increasing height can vary, depending on genetics, diet, living habits as well as the type of height-increasing exercise, exercise intensity and exercise method.

Therefore, in addition to scientific nutrition , living, and sleep to help develop height, children in their growing age need to pay attention to exercise.

1. Below are sports that help children develop height effectively

1.1 Cycling

Cycling is a sport that should be chosen for children. Because cycling helps lengthen leg muscles, develop bones and joints and increase height. The process of cycling requires the legs to work continuously; straighten to reach the lowest point of pedal rotation. This stretching movement will stretch the knee joints, hip joints and skeletal muscles in the legs. From there, lengthening the legs and helping children grow taller.

In addition, cycling also stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone somatotropin. This is a hormone that plays an important role in the development of femur and lower leg bones. Cycling exercise also helps promote metabolic activity and energy conversion of the body. This contributes to increasing calcium absorption through daily eating.

1.2 Basketball

Basketball is a sport that exercises health and is good for height development. Therefore, choosing this sport will help children increase their height. When playing basketball, you must constantly move your body, stimulating signals to the brain and allowing the brain to better control the secretion of growth hormone. In addition, continuously running and jumping helps blood circulate in the body more easily to all parts, including the spine and legs, increasing the development of these parts.

When playing basketball, participants are forced to chase the ball. At this time, the body releases growth hormone while running. The faster you run, the more hormone produced, thereby improving height.

Cycling is one of the sports that helps children develop height effectively. Illustration photo.

1.3 Swimming

Choosing swimming is very good for children’s height development, because swimming will help the whole body move, improve cardiovascular health, respiratory system and muscles, and significantly increase endurance. tell.

1.4 Hanging bar exercise

This is a simple but extremely effective exercise to increase height for children. Swinging will help increase height and is one of the recommended exercises. When the practitioner’s body swings on the bar, the feet do not touch the ground, which will help stretch all the muscles. Especially the joints of the arms, spine, and legs will also be lengthened compared to people who do not exercise. So, if you want to improve your height, this will be a very good exercise. Children use their hands to hold on to the solid beam and hang themselves from the beam. Children hang as long as possible. When they start to feel tired, slowly turn around and try to touch the ground with the tip of their feet. Children can easily do it every day at home or at the park.

1.5 Jump rope exercise

Jumping rope is a sport loved by many people, because it can help improve height very well. This exercise is also quite simple, you can combine listening to music or singing along to music while practicing. Jumping rope helps stretch the body, especially the legs. On the other hand, the process of jumping up and down also causes the entire body, especially the legs and spine, to continuously stretch and flexibly. This causes bone tissue to increase flexibility, expand and increase bone cartilage production to improve height.

2. Notes for children when practicing

All sports practice will help children practice and develop height. However, before practicing any sport, parents need to let their children warm up and warm up their bodies to avoid injury during exercise.

If the child enters puberty , parents can learn more height-increasing exercises specifically for this age group to achieve the highest efficiency.

Not only do they encourage children to exercise, parents should also remind them to limit sitting in one place. At school, children study for a long time, so when they get home, they should avoid watching TV, playing games, playing with phones, iPads, etc. Besides, parents should also set up a nutrition and time regimen. Reasonable learning and activity schedules for children, to help children develop comprehensively physically and mentally.

In addition to taking care of children with a scientific and healthy diet, if children are set up with a suitable exercise regimen, it will provide maximum support for their height development.

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