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5 yoga poses to help tone your arms

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PT Health Life – Arm fat is mainly the result of excess fat in the area around the arms, which occurs when we gain weight. Along with diet and exercise, some yoga poses can effectively help tone your arms.

1. Downward-facing dog yoga pose helps tone your arms

This yoga pose focuses on the leg and arm muscles, strengthening the arms, while reducing headaches, back pain, stress and fatigue in the body.


– Kneel on both legs and arms (knees hip-width apart, hands shoulder-width apart, fingers spread wide, pressed to the floor).

– Using your arms, slowly push yourself up, legs straight.

– Hold this position for 1 to 3 minutes, paying attention to your breathing. Then slowly bend your knees and return to child’s pose.

Face down yoga pose helps tone the arms

2. Balanced yoga pose on hands and knees

This pose helps stretch and tone the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, biceps, abs, and lower back; Improve concentration and coordination…


– Start in a crawling position on all fours (wrists in line with shoulders, knees in line with hips).

– Raise your right arm parallel to the floor (along with your chest and abdomen).

– Then raise your left leg the same way you raised your right arm.

– Hold for 5 to 10 breaths. Then lower your arms and legs to the starting position, breathe evenly for a few beats, then switch sides.

Balanced yoga pose on hands and knees.

3. Wide-legged yoga pose (Prasarita Padottanasana)

The wide-legged forward bend strengthens the feet, calves, spine and arms. This pose is also used to reduce the amount of fat stored.


  • Extend your legs about 1 to 1.2 m
  • Bring your arms to the side and slowly bend your body, forcing your palms to touch the floor.
  • Hold this position for one breath and then continue the movement.
Yoga pose with wide legs bent.

4. Eagle yoga pose (Garudasana)

Eagle pose requires balance and strength from the leg and arm muscles. When doing this pose, you will feel the stretch and focus on maintaining balance. This will help improve strength and flexibility in the body, especially the muscles of the legs, arms, back, and help reduce neck pain…


  • Stand straight and raise your arms in front of your chest.
  • Lift your left leg and fold it between the thighs of your right leg.
  • Loop your right arm over your left arm and keep your arm parallel to the ground.
  • Keep your balance and maintain the position for about 30 seconds.
  • Release your legs and arms and repeat on the other side.

Note, when doing this pose, you need to focus on maintaining balance and breathing regularly.

Eagle yoga pose.

5. Crow yoga pose (Bakasana)

Crow pose (Bakasana) is an arm-balancing pose that benefits the muscles of the middle back, upper back, biceps and triceps, helping to tone the arms. When practicing this pose, you will develop better balance and muscle coordination.


– Start in a squatting position (you can put your feet together or far apart), place your palms on the floor, or arms shoulder-width apart and about 15-20cm away from your feet.

– Use both knees to place on the back of the upper arm, ankles touching each other.

– Inhale and slowly lift your butt up high, raise your head, eyes looking forward as you perform the movement.

– Keep your body in a balanced state, focus on the feeling of your body being lifted and avoid putting your weight on your shoulders.

– Hold the position for 5-10 breaths, then slowly shift your body weight back until your feet rest on the floor.

Crow yoga pose.
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