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6 warning signs of brain tumor

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PT Health Life – Many people have frequent headaches, but how to recognize that the headache is suspicious and a symptom of a brain tumor?

Brain tumors appear when abnormal cells form inside the brain. There are many types of brain tumors, among them there are malignant brain tumors and benign brain tumors.

Malignant brain tumors that originate in the brain are called primary brain cancers . Brain tumors caused by cancer from other organs of the body that spread to the brain are called secondary brain cancers, also known as brain metastases.

Depending on age of disease, location and histopathological nature of the tumor, patients have different symptoms. These symptoms often appear differently for each patient, depending on the tumor location, tumor type, size and growth rate.

So, what are the symptoms of a brain tumor? Besides headaches, what other symptoms are there? Below are 6 warning signs of brain tumors.

1. Persistent headache appears

Persistent headaches are a common symptom, occurring in about 50% of brain tumor patients. Often the pain is worse in the early morning or late at night, the pain repeats every day, the pain becomes more and more intense in both intensity and duration. In young children who do not know how to complain about pain, it can be manifested by not eating, crying, sleeping less, and struggling.

Frequent head swings indicate a brain tumor that needs to be examined early.

2. Symptoms of vomiting and nausea

Along with headache is vomiting. Patients with brain tumors often vomit in the morning. After each vomiting, the patient is often more tired, but the headache is less. If the patient vomits a lot, it can lead to exhaustion, dehydration, and electrolyte disorders. At first, the signs were not clear. A small number of patients were diagnosed with simple vomiting symptoms and were suspected of having digestive problems. Until tests and indications were performed, the results were clear. More clearly, it was discovered that it was a brain tumor.

3. Reduced vision

Brain tumors often affect vision. Large tumors take up space, increase intracranial pressure, and press on the optic nerve, reducing the patient’s vision and vision.

People with brain tumors may experience sudden changes in vision and blurred vision due to limited vision. Swollen eyes, drooping eyelids, and retinal changes also warn of pressure from a brain tumor.

4. Prolonged stress, depression

Irritability, fatigue, stress, agitation, poor concentration, sleeping a lot or always being sleepy are also some of the symptoms that need attention.

5. Motor weakness

When suffering from a brain tumor, patients often feel weakness, numbness, and tingling sensations in their hands and feet. Numbness and weakness often tend to be on one side of the body, especially in patients with supratentorial cerebellar syndrome: there will often be reduced or loss of sensation in one half of the body, weakness or paralysis of one half of the body, and speech disorders (being able to understand words). speak but the patient cannot speak or speak but cannot understand the words), vision disorders, consciousness disorders, decreased concentration, sleep disorders.

6. Epilepsy

Tumors can press on brain nerve cells, affecting and altering electromagnetic signals in the brain, causing epileptic seizures .

Seizures are sometimes the first sign of a brain tumor; they can occur at any stage of the disease. About 50% of people with brain tumors experience at least one seizure. However, epilepsy is not always caused by a brain tumor. Other causes of seizures include: cerebral vascular malformations, after brain stroke , after brain injury, parasitic infections in the brain…

Summary: Although brain tumors are rare, if you feel worried or have warning signs of a brain tumor such as prolonged headaches, you should immediately go to a medical facility to be examined by doctors for early, accurate diagnosis and treatment. Appropriate treatment plan, bringing the best results.

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