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Do men need to clean their private areas every day?

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PT Health Life – Daily cleaning of men’s private areas is essential. But not everyone knows how to properly clean private areas for men.

1. How to clean private areas

Cleaning the private area in men needs to be done every day. First of all, men need to divide the private area into parts to be able to clean them properly.

1.1 Penis hygiene

To properly clean the penis, men need to pay attention to the glans and foreskin .

In cases of long and narrow foreskin , hygiene of the private area plays an extremely important role. Because in this case, the foreskin will cover the penis, causing residue and bacteria to easily accumulate each time you go to the toilet. There are even cases of not cleaning after sex or not cleaning every day. Over time, dirt and bacteria will accumulate in large quantities here and wait for the body to show signs of immunodeficiency to cause infection . Inflammation of the foreskin, foreskin, atrophic fibromyalgia… is very likely to lead to chronic inflammation that can cause ulcers.

Doctor’s advice for cases of long foreskin is to clean thoroughly. After each cleaning, men need to turn the foreskin back, wash it and then dry it. Ideally, men can use salt water to clean this area. Men especially need to bathe and clean their private areas every day.

In cases of phimosis, men can self-dilate at home during bathing and daily hygiene. In addition to saline, men can use betadine or anti-inflammatory drugs to repel acute inflammation. Cases of phimosis should be avoided so that phimosis can progress to inflammation, fibrosis, atrophy, ulcers or cancer.

In cases where the foreskin is too narrow or cannot be dilated, circumcision is needed. Circumcision is indicated in cases of phimosis, semi- phimosis or strangulation of the foreskin.

1.2 The remaining parts of the private area

The rest of the private area includes the testicles, groin, scrotum, and perineum. This area is often damp and dark, which is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. Therefore, men need to clean this area thoroughly. First of all, men need to make sure their underwear is the right size, not too loose or not too tight. When wearing tight underwear, it will cause tightness, pain and heat in the testicles. When wearing loose underwear, the testicles are not well protected and loose, which can cause injury. Men should choose underwear made of cotton, mesh, and as thin as possible to ensure this area is dry.

Heat is considered the enemy of this area. Because when the temperature in the testicle area increases, it will cause decline in testicular function, thereby reducing physiological function, testosterone , endocrine and sperm quality . Therefore, you need to make sure this area does not get hot by limiting sitting too much, not wearing tight, tight pants…

In addition to daily cleaning of private areas, men should choose clothes of appropriate sizes and cool materials.

So how to clean the private area? Cleaning the private area in men does not need to be complicated or require the use of cleaning solutions. Men only need to bathe clean every day. While bathing, you can use shower gel to clean the private area and then dry. At the same time, do not let the private area get wet, underwear should be dried in a cool, dry place.

Men need to pay attention to skin diseases in the private area such as ringworm, tinea versicolor, scabies… When there is a skin disease, men need to see a doctor immediately. Over time, the disease can become chronic and cause itching. painful, uncomfortable and causes irreversible damage. At this time, men are not only affected by their health but also their aesthetics. When there are any abnormalities in the private area, you need to go to a reputable specialized medical facility for examination and treatment.

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