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Do these 5 things every day now to stay your kidneys healthy

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If you don’t want to suffer from kidney damage or weak kidneys, which can manifest as hair loss, gray hair, back pain, knee pain or physiological decline, then do the following 5 things every day to keep your kidneys healthy…


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Water plays an important role in the body, and especially for people with weak kidneys, special attention should be paid. Doctors recommend that people with kidney disease should not drink too much or too little water, because drinking too much water will put pressure on the kidneys.
Also, do not drink less water as this will increase the risk of kidney poisoning, because the kidneys will not have enough water to contract and push waste and toxins out. Therefore, just drink a sufficient amount of water every day.

So how much water is enough to drink? Every day the body needs 2-2.5 liters of water, depending on the person’s overall health, gender, body weight and activity. For people who play sports and sweat a lot, they need to drink more water.
To get enough water for the body, you need to pay attention to the following:
do not drink a large amount of water at once, but take small sips to help the cells absorb the water.
Drinking warm water helps reduce the risk of respiratory diseases but also increases intestinal motility, supports the digestive system and blood circulation in the body becomes easier and smoother;
Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink, because even when you’re not thirsty, your body is still likely to lose a necessary amount of water and need to be replenished immediately.


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Currently, there are many people who still keep the habit of holding their urine without knowing about the significant consequences it can bring that will affect their health in the future.
In fact, holding in urine is quite normal and does not affect your health until it becomes a habit that causes long-term harm such as urinary retention or even kidney damage.
In essence, when holding urine, not only does the bladder relax, but the external sphincter muscles are also stretched. If this happens often, it will be very harmful when the muscles have the function of holding the bladder to prevent urine leakage. leak out.
The habit of holding in urine for many years will cause the patient to lose the ability to control the external bladder sphincters, causing urine to leak, creating a chain of kidney and extra-renal diseases such as urinary tract infections. urethra, bladder, kidneys



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Lazy exercise habits are also one of the risk factors for kidney disease.
Regular exercise helps increase blood circulation, supports waste removal, reduces blood fat and maintains kidney health.
Building  good kidney habits by maintaining a balanced diet, drinking enough water,
limiting bad habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of kidney damage and protect your health. your overall health


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Alcohol can affect the kidneys directly or indirectly, causing impaired blood filtration and water balance in the body.
Alcohol is linked to a number of health problems such as liver disease and an increased risk of certain cancers, not to mention the risks from drunk driving or injuries from drunk accidents.
Alcohol can affect the kidneys directly or indirectly.
If you use alcohol in sufficient doses, it will help your body become healthier with a dose of about half a glass to 1 glass per day.


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Toxic substances in cigarettes cause peripheral artery disease, narrow blood vessels in the kidneys, and cause arteriosclerosis, thickening and hardening of arteries, including renal arteries, accelerating the progression of kidney failure. .
Chemicals in cigarette smoke can seep into the blood, easily causing kidney stones compared to non-smokers.
Smoking is the leading cause of very dangerous diseases, especially lung cancer, and this is not good for both the kidneys and the entire body
according to statistics: a smoker counts from the time they quit smoking. Until the lungs are as normal as a person who has never smoked, it takes about 5 years.
Because the time is extremely large, we should quit smoking as soon as possible!

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