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Does swimming help you lose weight?

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Swimming is one of the sports that brings many benefits to the body and is loved by many people. The harmonious combination between the impact of water and the flexibility of the body will help the muscle system become firmer and develop better. However, many people wonder if swimming can help you lose weight? Through today’s article, PT Health Life will join you in finding the most accurate answer. Explore now. 

Does swimming help you lose weight? This is a common question of many people today (Source: Internet)

1. Does swimming help you lose weight?

When it comes to exercising to lose weight and stay in shape, people often think of fat-burning cardio exercises or high-intensity movements. If you are bored with that type of exercise and want to find a new body workout, you can choose swimming to lose weight.

In fact, there have been many scientific studies showing that swimming is extremely effective in losing weight and keeping fit. Compared to running, swimming helps burn many times more calories. However, this number depends on the intensity and swimming style you choose to practice every day.

Water is 800 times denser than air, so when performing swimming movements such as pushing or pulling water, it requires a lot of energy, from there, the body will increase metabolism and help burn fat. comprehensively redundant. At a normal swimming speed (50 yards/minute), you will burn 625 calories in about an hour. Therefore, if you regularly swim every day and know how to combine it with a reasonable, nutritious diet, your weight will tend to “go down”.

2. Does swimming reduce belly fat?

In addition to wondering whether swimming can help you lose weight, people are also interested in whether swimming helps reduce belly fat as effectively as rumored. According to health experts, swimming brings many positive effects to our bodies. Not only does swimming help the bones and joints become flexible and slim down the figure, swimming also helps eliminate “stubborn” excess fat in the abdominal area. Because when swimming underwater, all parts of the body need to work and coordinate smoothly, so the amount of calories burned is quite large. With freestyle swimming, each person can consume up to 300 calories within 30 minutes. Therefore, if you keep swimming every day, excess fat in the abdomen and other parts such as biceps, thighs, etc. will “disappear” quickly.

Swimming not only helps lose weight but also effectively eliminates excess fat in the abdominal area (Source: Internet)

3. Some popular swimming styles today

Whether or not swimming helps you lose weight depends greatly on the intensity of your exercise as well as the swimming style you choose. Below are some popular swimming movements that many people use during the process of losing weight and keeping in shape that you should refer to:

  • Freestyle swimming: Known as the simplest swimming style, freestyle swimming not only helps burn body fat but also helps maintain your desired weight. In this swimming style, you can use your feet to continuously kick the water. Both hands alternately fan the water, and at the same time, splash the water back to push the body forward more. Freestyle swimming is a smooth combination of arms, legs and breathing while underwater, thereby helping to release a great source of energy.
  • Breaststroke: This swimming style is also quite common and the way to do it is not too complicated. However, in reality, this swimming style does not help much in losing weight or reducing belly fat because breaststroke swimming is quite slow, does not consume much energy, and is only suitable for exercising and training the body in case you Not proficient in other swimming styles.
  • Freestyle swimming: This type of swimming is considered to bring a clear weight loss effect to the body. Because when performing this swimming style, all parts of the body need to have smooth coordination, especially the arms, legs and breathing, thereby helping to promote the process of energy consumption and effective weight loss. fruit. Swimming also helps improve blood circulation, tone muscles and increase height for adolescents.
  • Butterfly swimming: This swimming style requires many advanced techniques so the performer needs to have good physical strength. This is a chest-down swimming style, combining butterfly kicks and symmetrical hand movements. Butterfly swimming has a great impact on the spine, helping to improve bones and joints, effectively reducing pain and fatigue. In addition, this swimming style also helps burn a large amount of calories, improve muscle groups as well as help increase height extremely well.
Whether swimming helps you lose weight depends on the swimming style and exercise intensity you choose (Source: Internet)

4. Learn how to swim most effectively to burn calories and fat

Besides finding out whether swimming can help you lose weight, many people are also looking for the most effective way to burn calories and fat. Below are some tips that you should apply when swimming to improve weight loss results and stay in shape.

4.1 Use the interval swimming method

One of the first tips you need to know to make swimming to lose weight more effective is to use the interval swimming method. In fact, interval training (HIIT) is a familiar workout method for genuine gym “crazy fans” because of the effectiveness this movement brings in eliminating belly fat. Therefore, you can completely apply this technique while swimming. To do this, swim continuously as fast as possible for a short period of time, then rest, and then repeat several times.

Interval swimming is encouraged while swimming to lose weight (Source: Internet)

4.2 Swim in the morning 

According to advice from experts, the most appropriate time to practice swimming to lose weight is in the morning. Because at this time, the body is in a “starving” state, so when performing swimming movements, the body will use stored fat to convert into energy. Accordingly, weight loss and belly fat reduction will be more effective than swimming at other times of the day. Not only that, swimming in the morning also helps the mind stay alert and full of energy to start a new productive day.

4.3 Perform quick and strong movements

Whether swimming helps you lose weight depends on how you perform your swimming movements. If you only focus on prolonging your practice time without paying attention to performing the correct swimming technique and movements, it will also affect the results of your swimming session. Therefore, while swimming, you need to stroke your arms properly, kick your legs hard and fast, and combine them rhythmically with your breathing to ensure that even though you exercise for a short period of time, you still maximize the benefits of your swimsuit. This subject brings.

Perform swimming movements quickly, strongly, with correct technique to ensure effective weight loss and stay in shape (Source: Internet)

4.4 Persevere in swimming regularly and regularly

One of the factors that determine whether swimming helps you lose weight is your exercise regimen. The key here is that you need to maintain a regular and regular habit of swimming to lose weight. Normally, you will burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes of swimming. Therefore, if you want to lose weight successfully with this exercise, you should do swimming every day or at least 3-4 times/week.

4.5 Adjust your diet

Besides maintaining a regular exercise routine, you also need to adjust your diet reasonably and scientifically to improve weight loss effectiveness. The important thing is how you need to build your menu so that the number of calories consumed is less than the number of calories consumed. You should also prioritize foods that are good for the body such as green vegetables, fruits, oats or nuts, etc. In addition, after swimming, the body will often feel very hungry because the swimming process makes consumes a large amount of energy. However, you should limit eating too much at the end of your swimming activity because this will cause your weight loss and fitness process to go down the drain.

Follow a reasonable, scientific diet when swimming to lose weight to ensure training results (Source: Internet)


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