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Eating tips to avoid weight gain after Tet

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PT health Life – The habit of eating to your heart’s content can make you gain weight after Tet. To control your weight and maintain your shape, please refer to the 5 eating tips below to help ensure your health and avoid weight gain after the holiday.

1. Prioritize eating vegetables first

Vegetables provide a lot of fiber , an important nutrient that promotes smooth functioning of the digestive system. Furthermore, eating lots of fiber has been proven by research to help reduce calorie intake, thereby helping to prevent weight gain during the holidays.

Try to eat more vegetables and other fiber-rich foods such as beans, grains, nuts … to feel full longer and control cravings. You can divide the order, arrange the dishes, determine which dishes to eat first, which dishes to eat later, while increasing the efficiency of nutrient absorption and is also a very effective method to help you lose weight .

For example, a meal can be eaten in the following order: Start with a glass of water – eat a spoonful of nuts – eat a cup of vegetables – eat a main dish that provides moderate energy – at the end of the meal you can enjoy a snack. teacup.

Eating lots of fiber helps reduce calorie intake and prevent weight gain during the holidays.

2. Limit processed foods

Processed foods such as sausages, sausages, bacon… often appear in many Tet trays. The advantage of these dishes is that they have a delicious taste and can be preserved for a long time without taking much time to prepare. However, they often contain a lot of salt, spices, and preservatives that are not good for health. ‏

‏Consuming a lot of processed foods also contributes to weight gain. Therefore, you should prioritize healthy and fresh foods. Prioritize foods that are good for your health and help control weight such as lean protein, white meat, good fats, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables… That way, you can maintain your weight. on the Tet days.

3. Eat healthy snacks, limit sweets to avoid weight gain

During the traditional Tet holiday, most families buy a lot of candy, chocolate, soft drinks… These foods contain a lot of added sugar. When you keep them in sight, you tend to snack even when you’re not hungry. This habit can unintentionally cause you to gain weight.‏

However, if you feel hungry and need a snack, choose healthy foods such as fruits, nuts, unsweetened yogurt… These are all sources of fiber and healthy fats. Strong is good for the body and weight control.

If you feel hungry and need a snack, choose healthy foods such as fruits, nuts…

4. Eat slowly, chew thoroughly

If you eat too quickly, you will finish your food before realizing you are full. Not only does this tire the digestive system, but it also increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, which leads to obesity , high cholesterol, and high blood sugar levels.

Eating slowly and chewing more thoroughly not only helps you absorb nutrients better but is also a way to help you control your weight effectively. Normally, it takes your brain about 20 minutes to signal your stomach that you’re full. So use this time wisely by eating slowly and chewing thoroughly.

5. Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water is a healthy habit and is helpful in maintaining weight. You should choose drinks that do not contain added sugar such as filtered water, teas… Maintain the habit of drinking water throughout the day and especially before meals, this will be very beneficial if you want to control weight during Tet days.

Wine and beer are often indispensable in the Tet meal tray. However, you should limit and drink in moderation. In addition, soft drinks and carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar and empty calories – meaning they do not provide necessary nutrients but contain a lot of calories. Therefore, you should also limit these drinks.

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