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Ejaculation disorders: Causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment

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PT Health Life – Ejaculation disorders have many forms and many different causes such as: Premature ejaculation, late ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation… Therefore, when treating, the patient needs to determine comprehensive treatment.

1. Causes of ejaculation disorders

Ejaculation disorder is an abnormal disorder of the ejaculation reflex in men. Each type of ejaculation disorder has different causes. The cause comes from men suffering from underlying diseases such as diabetes , cardiovascular disease, hypertension , neurological disorders, endocrine imbalance …

Or some psychological causes such as marital pressure, anxiety about sexual ability, depression , psychological phobia due to sexual trauma… Or it can also come from the use of drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs. Depression, medication to treat underlying disease.

Ejaculation disorders are divided into the following 5 main types.

Premature ejaculation : There are many causes of premature ejaculation such as physiological or pathological.

  • Physiologically, it can be due to increased sensitivity, increased stimulation, excessive desire or possibly due to a history of masturbation .
  • Regarding the cause of the disease due to increased sensitivity of the glans of the penis, endocrine disorders, urinary tract infections, perineal infections , hemorrhoids/anal fistulas or other genital abnormalities

Delayed ejaculation : Common causes are diseases related to the nervous system and blood vessels. Patients taking drugs related to neuropsychiatry  will inhibit men’s ability to stimulate and climax. This is a disease that is quite difficult to find the cause of and requires careful examination.

Painful ejaculation : Painful ejaculation can be caused by infection of the urinary system, local genitals, perineal infection or it can also be nerve pain. Men need to be examined carefully to find the cause.

Retrograde ejaculation : The cause of retrograde ejaculation is due to damage or aging of the internal sphincter of the bladder neck. Normally, when ejaculating, the internal sphincter of the bladder closes and sperm is released, but for some reason: nerves, local factors, and blood vessels, the bladder neck expands when ejaculating. out and the sperm goes back inside. When men with retrograde ejaculation want to have children, the only method is to collect urine and filter out sperm for fertilization.

Hematospermia : Depending on the condition and color of semen , doctors can determine the location of the bleeding and find the cause. The cause of hematospermia can be due to genital or urinary tract infections or prostate malignancy . The most common cause is gradual seminal vesicles, vas deferens, epididymis, or local damage.

2. Symptoms of ejaculation disorders

Symptoms of ejaculation disorders depend on the following types of ejaculation disorders:

Premature ejaculation : Premature ejaculation is when a man’s penis cannot control and maintain ejaculation time to cause high pleasure for his partner. At the same time, it is difficult to cause pleasure for your partner. Premature ejaculation is considered a “nightmare” for men. 20-30% of adult men experience this condition. The ejaculation time of people with premature ejaculation is usually less than 1 minute.

Delayed ejaculation : Is when a man has sex for a long time but does not reach orgasm and does not ejaculate. Delayed ejaculation makes men very tired and reduces pleasure. Delayed ejaculation causes unpredictable consequences that affect men’s reproductive health

Painful ejaculation : Painful ejaculation is a condition where there is pain during ejaculation. Normally, after ejaculation, men will feel satisfied both physically and mentally.

To prevent ejaculation disorders, men need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to limit the risks.

Retrograde ejaculation : A condition in which sperm do not exit through the urethra but go back into the body and into the bladder. This is one of the causes of infertility in men. In addition, retrograde ejaculation prevents men from causing pleasure to their partners. Men with retrograde ejaculation often cannot get pregnant naturally.

Hematospermia : Hematospermia is a condition in which there is blood mixed in a man’s semen. Normally, when men ejaculate, the amount of sperm is about 2.5-5ml and is milky white. If there is blood in semen, it is considered an abnormal condition. Hematospermia is divided into 3 types:

  • Bright red blood mixed with semen
  • There is brown blood in the semen
  • The semen has a rust color

3. Is ejaculation disorder contagious?

Ejaculation disorders are not a contagious disease.

4. Prevent ejaculation disorders

To prevent ejaculation disorders, men need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to limit the risks by:

  • Maintain regular exercise to improve your health
  • Have a healthy diet, increase lots of green vegetables, vitamins, fruits, limit greasy foods, processed foods, fast foods…
  • Don’t abuse masturbation. If you masturbate, you should masturbate properly.
  • Do not abuse alcohol, tobacco or use stimulants
  • Good control of underlying diseases, if any, especially male diseases, requires compliance with doctor’s treatment
  • Avoid stress and tension in life, and have reasonable rest time.
To treat ejaculation disorders, men should go to medical facilities for examination and treatment according to the specialist’s regimen.

If there are abnormalities in men’s health, they need to be examined at medical facilities to have a specialist doctor suggest a treatment plan.

5. Treatment of ejaculation disorders

To treat ejaculation disorders, men need to determine that comprehensive treatment is needed, which is a process and needs to be individualized to the patient. Because each patient will have different medical conditions. To diagnose ejaculation disorders and develop the most effective and accurate regimen, patients need to go to specialized medical facilities to be examined and consulted by doctors. Depending on each case, the doctor will create an individualized treatment plan for the patient.

With premature ejaculation, patients need to receive psychological treatment combined with internal medicine. Depending on the severity of premature ejaculation, men will have different treatment regimens. Besides using medication, surgery or psychological treatment, men need to change their perception and daily living habits according to the instructions of a specialist.

For the remaining cases of ejaculation disorders, depending on the medical or surgical cause, doctors will have specific treatment plans. As in the case of retrograde ejaculation, it may be the result of damage to the sympathetic nerves that control the ejaculation reflex and the opening and closing of the bladder neck; Can also stem from spinal cord injury …

Some cases of ejaculation disorders may be related to medical diseases or neurological problems… There will be cases where surgery is required for treatment.

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