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Exercises to reduce wrinkles on the face

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PT Health Life – Facial exercises help reduce wrinkles, fill sunken cheeks, improve other signs of aging… you need to practice persistently.

You should maintain the habit of performing these exercises regularly, combined with proper skin care , nutrition and rest to limit wrinkles and keep your skin fresh and healthy.

1. Exercises to reduce wrinkles on the forehead

Forehead wrinkle reduction exercises benefit the muscles in the forehead and between the eyebrows, helping to reduce wrinkles in these areas.

Proceed as follows:

– Open your eyes wide and place your hands close to your forehead so that the fingertips of each hand are facing each other, then raise your eyebrows and eyelids upward.

– Hold this position for 5 seconds.

– Repeat this exercise about 10 times, persistently doing it every day.

Exercises to reduce wrinkles on the forehead.

2. Exercises to reduce wrinkles around the eyes

To increase the effectiveness of reducing wrinkles around the eyes , you can apply massage in combination with skin care products for the eye area to help smooth skin. If you consistently do it every night before going to bed, it will not only help you sleep well, but also prevent crow’s feet and reduce wrinkles.

How to perform eye massage steps as follows:

– Warm up your 2 ring fingers and place them on the corners of your eyes.

– Use gentle force to gently stroke and pull the muscles from the corners of the eyes to the temples.

– Hold for about 2 seconds, repeat this movement 5-10 times every night.

This eye massage will help blood vessels circulate better, while naturally lifting facial muscles, limiting sagging eye skin and creating wrinkles.

3. Exercises to reduce smile lines


– Use the tip of the middle finger and ring finger to slowly rub from the tip of the nose up towards the ear. Do both cheeks at the same time and repeat several times. Doing this operation helps fade deep wrinkles, while promoting blood circulation on the face.

– Alternatively, take air from your mouth and inflate your cheeks, hold for 5 seconds and then exhale very slowly. Should be repeated many times a day whenever you have free time to fade wrinkles and laugh lines.

Exercises to reduce smile lines.

4. Exercises for chin and jaw muscles

This exercise not only helps minimize wrinkles around the mouth, but also helps create a clear jawline, firm and slim face.


– Make a fist and rub it over and over on the lower cheek area, right next to the chin.

– Do persistently every day, this movement will help reduce wrinkles, limit sagging lower cheeks, thereby making the face slimmer.

– Each exercise can be done 15-20 times.

Exercises for jaw muscles.

5. Some skin care notes to limit wrinkles

Wrinkles are part of the natural aging process. Therefore, to limit wrinkles, you should:

– Apply sunscreen daily: Sunlight is one of the leading culprits in accelerating skin aging , causing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

To protect your skin, you should use sunscreen every day. When going out, you should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours to ensure the best skin protection effect, and use additional clothing to shield your body from the sun.

– Take care of your skin as soon as possible: To maintain the youthful appearance of your skin, you need to apply proper skin care habits. You can add anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C… in your daily skin care routine to repel signs of aging.

– Build a healthy diet: Cut down on sugar, processed foods, fast food as well as alcohol, drinks containing caffeine… to help reduce wrinkles and fight aging from the inside.

– Eliminate bad habits: Staying up late has negative effects on many aspects of health. People who often stay up late and don’t get enough sleep will have dull, dark skin… due to not enough time for the skin to recover and regenerate. For this reason, signs of aging form quickly.

In addition, smoking, chewing gum… can also contribute to premature wrinkles. Over time, movements such as pursing the lips will create pressure on the skin around the mouth and gradually form wrinkles. ‏You should use sunglasses to avoid squinting and prevent the appearance of crow’s feet…

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