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Frequently asked questions about ejaculation disorders

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PT Health Life – Ejaculation disorder is an abnormal disorder of the ejaculation reflex in men. Each type of ejaculation disorder has different causes.

1. Can Oriental medicine cure ejaculation disorders?

To treat ejaculation disorders , doctors first need to examine, diagnose and find the cause. Some oriental medicine remedies also help improve health and vitality in men.

Depending on each patient’s case, andrology specialists and oriental medicine doctors can coordinate with each other to have the most specific treatment regimen for the patient.

2. How to handle ejaculation disorders

If there are any problems with ejaculation disorders such as: premature ejaculation , late ejaculation, painful ejaculation, bloody ejaculation … men need to go to a specialized medical facility for examination to avoid self-treatment. Treat it at home or learn folk remedies because it can easily lead to a risk of more serious illness.

3. How to care for patients with ejaculation disorders at home

In addition to medical treatment and compliance with the specialist’s regimen, men need to change their habits and lifestyle to treat ejaculation disorders more effectively.

Besides, the wife or partner also plays an important role in the man’s treatment process. The encouragement and smooth coordination of a partner is a way to help men reduce psychological pressure, not feel guilty, be confident and improve their condition.

Men need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and have a scientific diet combined with equipping themselves with knowledge about sex to avoid distorted thoughts about sex or sexual dysfunction. abnormalities in ejaculation.

Men need to quit drinking alcohol and smoking and choose clothes that are sized to fit their body. If you choose tight underwear, it will have a negative impact on your penis and reproductive health.

4. Can ejaculation disorders be cured?

Ejaculation disorders in men can be completely cured if detected and treated early. Depending on the condition of ejaculation disorder, the severity, the cause of the disease, and the patient’s health status, treatment and intervention options can be found.

However, if the ejaculation disorder stems from underlying medical causes (kidney failure, diabetes , hypertension …) or diseases related to the nerves and genitals, treatment is possible. or not depends on the condition of that disease.

If the disease is in the early stages, men can use treatment methods to completely control it, but if the comorbid disease is in a severe stage, treatment may be difficult.

5. Pay attention to people who are obese, diabetic… when suffering from ejaculation disorders

Obese men not only have the risk of affecting erectile ability and sperm quality, but also have the risk of causing ejaculation disorders. Therefore, overweight and obese men need to exercise to maintain a reasonable weight to improve general health as well as sexual health.

Men with diabetes often encounter problems related to sexual health including ejaculation disorders, in addition they may experience erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual desire, retrograde ejaculation… Men Any level of diabetes in men will affect male sex hormone levels.

When there are reproductive health problems, men should go to reputable specialized medical facilities to be examined by specialists.

Besides, if diabetes is accompanied by overweight or obesity, testosterone will decrease , causing disorders in sex life.

Therefore, if men have diabetes, they need to control the disease well by complying with their doctor’s treatment. Patients need to realize that this is a chronic disease and requires lifelong treatment. Failure to comply can cause dangerous complications, not just about sex life.


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