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Frequently asked questions related to autism

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Pt Health Life – Autism is one of the most severe disorders, impairing function and hindering life the most. These disorders appear early in children’s development and gradually often affect the child’s psychological development.

Autism often isolates itself from the world around it, lacks self-control, and does not develop cognition, accompanied by rigid, stereotyped, repetitive behaviors, causing negative effects. serious psychology for children.

1. Can Oriental medicine cure autism?

Autism appears from the first years of life, is usually detected between the ages of 3 and 10, and persists without improvement. Therefore, oriental medicine cannot cure autism. However, there are many remedies, acupuncture … support the treatment of this disease.

2. How to handle autism

There are many types of autism and many different manifestations and symptoms, so detection and treatment are also difficult. There are many methods to help improve autism, but none is considered the best. Therefore, guidance and monitoring from a doctor is needed to find the most suitable method for each patient.

The method often applied to treat autism in children is educational intervention. Treatment is often carried out in combination at home and at school in a strict and scientific manner according to the guidance of experts.

  • Help children improve social skills.
  • Build a positive living environment.
  • Develop intervention methods based on vision or cognitive, behavioral theories,…

Therefore, when detecting signs of autism, especially in children, relatives should take the child for examination and perform tests when there are signs of the disease to have the best treatment method and treatment process. Treatment takes place most effectively and promptly.

The goal of autism treatment is to improve a child’s ability to communicate and function by reducing autism symptoms and supporting development and learning.

3. Can autism be cured?

There is currently no medication to cure autism, nor is there a general treatment that is suitable for everyone. The goal of treatment is to improve a child’s ability to communicate and function by reducing autism symptoms and supporting development and learning.

Early intervention in the first years of life can help children learn social and communication skills and improve their behavior. Usually, children with autism are detected early and treated at the age of 24 months, when the diagnosis is clearest and intervention is easiest.

4. How to take care of the disease at home

Parents need to understand that family is the best environment for children with autism because it is a familiar environment, children have many opportunities to participate in daily activities with relatives, and Practice and practice skills.

Therefore, parents understanding and mastering the skills of teaching autistic children at home not only helps medical staff speed up treatment progress, but also saves time and money. and funding during the intervention process.

To implement these skills, parents should note the following requirements:

  • Start with toys and activities that your child likes. That is the path that leads parents to their children’s world.
  • Be persistent because your child won’t pay attention and interact the first time.
  • Always create a happy atmosphere so that children feel comfortable and more interested in participating in activities.
  • Teach children anytime, anywhere, in any situation, in every family activity.

Parents need to be equipped with an understanding of what areas their children are having difficulty with, such as gross motor (development and coordination of large muscle groups such as rolling, crawling, walking, running, turning…), fine motor skills (ability to control hands and fingers), language, cognition, personal or social behavior. Does the child really only have a low vocabulary or just lack of concentration, has accompanying hyperactivity, developmental disorder behavior or behavior from the educational environment…

If the child suffers from malnutrition , chronic constipation or diarrhea due to milk allergy… in addition to following the doctor’s instructions, the family needs to adjust a reasonable nutritional diet to help the child develop comprehensively. .

In short, the family is a very important factor in a child’s life, every family member comes into contact with the child every day, stimulating the child’s development in all aspects, especially language and cognitive skills. know about the surrounding environment.

Parents’ mastery of basic skills to teach autistic children at home not only helps medical staff speed up the progress of treatment, but also saves time and costs during interventions such as: : Play and teach children anytime, anywhere at least 3 hours/day; Send children to class and limit watching TV; Teach children to point their index fingers at body parts, objects, and pictures; Teaching communication gestures: hello, hello, please, handshake, cheers…

Teaches how to play with toys and play with others. Communicate using pictures in exchange for what the child needs; Instruct children to do simple tasks and carry out orders; fine motor skills such as: arranging, matching, drawing, stringing, plugging, tearing, cutting and pasting; Gross movements such as walking , crawling, rolling, jumping, sliding, gymnastics, cycling, rolling a ball…

5. Important notes when suffering from autism

Although the exact cause has not been determined and there is no proven method to cure autism, early intervention in the right direction brings positive effects.

Children with autism not only have simple language impairments but also have behavioral disorders, skills, sensations, emotions… so it is necessary to coordinate many different methods, especially evidence-based interventions. to help children learn skills and better integrate into the community.

In addition to the two main intervention methods of speech therapy and occupational therapy, autistic children treated at the hospital are also treated with electrotherapy, high-pressure oxygen, traditional medicine and other intervention methods. Other extensions such as ABA behavioral intervention, sensory conditioning, play therapy, music therapy…

It is difficult for children to learn by imitation, so they need to be taught exactly what to do. Therefore, supporting children when needed is necessary.

Parents, don’t feel guilty, don’t be subjective, and don’t abandon your children. Always be by your child’s side and spend time teaching them, giving them special attention to help them overcome autism.

Steps to help children are as follows:

  • Model how to do it: Model skills or ways of playing for children to observe and imitate. If children do not imitate, move on to the next step.
  • Completely hold the child’s hand: Completely hold the child’s hand to perform the task
  • Hold the child’s hand to show part of the task: Hold the child’s hand to remind, then let the child do it themselves; Or gently push the child’s hand to let the child know what to do.
  • Remind and support children with actions, gestures and words
  • Remind and support children with eyes and words
  • Remind children verbally

Tantrums and other inappropriate behaviors often stem from the communication needs of autistic children. Therefore, parents may seek to implement a system of rewards for positive behavior and punishments for negative behavior. Following this plan consistently can help the child understand the consequences of their actions.

Parents, don’t feel guilty, don’t be subjective, don’t abandon your children, don’t let anyone discriminate against them, call for help from everyone around you, always be with your children and spend time teaching them, be attentive. special to help your child overcome autism.


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