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How is cancer formed, and how to effectively prevent it?

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PT Health Life – The death rate from cancer continues to increase, a major challenge for medicine and an obsession for many people. One of the questions being asked is where does cancer come from, how do cancer cells form, and what should be done to prevent cancer?

1. How cancer develops and metastasizes

Cancer is caused by the appearance of adverse genetic mutations and cancer is formed when the balance of cancer formation (gene mutation + cell division) exceeds the mechanism of destroying cancer ( the immune system includes Natural killer cells and T lymphocytes).

The origin of unfavorable mutations is due to cell damage from the outside (cigarettes, alcohol, eating a lot of red meat – grilled meat, …) or the cell has an internal risk of increased mutation ( genetic).

In a healthy body, there are trillions of cells created from growth and division to maintain the body’s daily activities. Healthy cells have separate life cycles, reproducing and dying according to predetermined programs, depending on each cell type. New cells are born to replace old cells, or cells that are damaged when they die.

In fact, cancer disrupts the above normal process, leading to chaotic cell growth. This is explained by changes or mutations in DNA in cells.

Malignant tumors, also known as cancer, are characterized by invasion and distant metastasis.

DNA exists in the individual genes of each cell, which helps guide the cell to perform proper function and also develop and divide cells. Most DNA mutations are repaired by cells, but when an error cannot be repaired, the cell can become cancerous. Cancer cells will grow excessively and uncontrollably, leading to the formation of tumors. Depending on the location of the tumor, it causes different levels of effects on the body.

Not all tumors are called cancer. There are benign tumors, not cancerous, that do not invade and spread to other organ tissues. However, when they grow too much and press on neighboring organs, it will affect health.

Malignant tumors, also known as cancer, are characterized by invasion and distant metastasis. Cancer cells can migrate through the bloodstream or lymphatic system to other areas of the body, called distant metastasis. Cancer that has metastasized far is often difficult to treat and has a poor prognosis.

No one can choose where they were born to ensure they don’t have a genetic risk factor for cancer, but they can decide to stay away from visible dangers like cigarettes and alcohol.

In addition, early screening is only about early disease detection to help with less expensive treatment and faster recovery, not cancer prevention.

2. The secret to effective cancer prevention

Want to prevent or cure cancer without positive changes in consciousness and behavior, changing bad habits (such as smoking, drinking alcohol) into good habits (not smoking and not drinking alcohol)? drinking alcohol) is something that never happens.

Every day, keeping good habits of staying away from cigarette smoke, not using alcohol, using healthy substances such as honey, green tea, red pomegranate, dark bitter chocolate, vegetables and fruits can help  them. We stay away from cancer.

Seafood is nutritious food, good for the body. Illustration

Cancer does not appear naturally, it arises according to the laws of science and physics. At a very late stage, each patient has a different response to treatment and requires a combination of scientific treatments, immune system supplements and traditional medicine methods…. Hopefully this mutation process ends and the immune system becomes strong again (Natural killer cells and T lymphocytes) to ensure a recurrence does not occur.

Don’t be obsessed with why it’s terminal cancer, change today, for yourself and your family. Good scientific habits and early screening are two weapons to help you defeat cancer.

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