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How many calories does jumping rope burn 1,000 times?

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PT Health Life – How many calories does jumping rope burn 1,000 times is a question that many people are interested in. However, the amount of calories that can be reduced depends on factors such as weight, time, exercise intensity, nutrition…

1. Does jumping rope help burn calories effectively?

Jumping rope is a simple exercise that can help you lose weight thanks to its ability to burn calories effectively. A study comparing the effects of jogging and jumping rope showed that 10 minutes of jumping rope has the same effect as jogging for 30 minutes.

The number of calories burned when jumping rope depends on many factors, such as the time you jump rope, your weight, and your exercise speed. Heavier people will burn more calories because they need more energy to perform a similar activity.

Although it is impossible to calculate exactly how many calories jumping rope burns, you can apply the following formula to estimate the amount of calories consumed:

Calories burned = 0.0175 x MET x body weight in kg.

In particular, 1 MET is a unit of measurement of energy consumed during physical activity over a period of time. Jump rope at a high tempo of about 12.3 METS.

Based on this formula, research has shown that most people jumping rope at a moderate pace can burn about 140 – 190 calories for every 1,000 jumps.

Jumping rope is a simple exercise that can help you lose weight thanks to its ability to burn calories effectively.

2. How to burn more calories when jumping rope

To optimize the number of calories you burn when jumping rope, you need to pay attention to the correct technique. This not only brings high efficiency but also limits injuries during exercise.

– You need to keep your elbows at hip level, close to your body. There is no need to hold the jump rope tightly, instead you should hold the jump rope loosely so that your wrist is comfortable.

– Relax your knees, hips, and ankles to get ready to jump rope.

– When jumping rope, you should only rotate the rope with your wrists and forearms and not your shoulders.

– Land with the front half of your foot and do not put your toes down first.

– Don’t forget to listen to your body, only exercise to your ability.

When jumping rope, you should only rotate the rope with your wrists and forearms and not your shoulders.

3. Some notes to avoid when jumping rope

Excessive intensity of jumping rope can lead to injuries such as joint pain, lower leg tendon injuries, broken bones, heel sprains… Therefore, there are a few things to note to avoid injury. Injuries when jumping rope:

– Wear suitable shoes: Wearing suitable shoes is very important to prevent injuries when jumping rope. There is no need to invest in an expensive pair of specialized shoes. You should choose good quality shoes that have effective shock absorbing properties and feel comfortable when walking.

– Pay attention to the frequency of jumping rope: The frequency of jumping rope is one of the factors that determine the amount of calories you can burn when exercising. Therefore, many people are impatient because they want to achieve their goals quickly and burn more calories to lose weight faster . This often puts too much stress on the body and leads to injury.

Rest and recovery are important when exercising. Keep varying your workout routine with different intensities and durations to stay motivated and healthy.

– Don’t jump too high: Just jump 1.5 – 2.5cm above the ground. Jumping higher can cause fatigue or injury to the ankles and knees, especially on hard floor surfaces such as asphalt and concrete.

– Don’t skip the warm-up: All sports need to warm up before starting to practice. Warming up helps increase blood flow and gradually increase heart rate in preparation for the workout.

– Stretching: Stretching helps relieve muscle tension. Additionally, on your days off, you can do a stretching session for about 30 – 60 minutes. You can end the workout with a few yoga poses that have an effective stretching effect.

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