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How many steps do you need to walk each day to firm your abdominal muscles?

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PT health Life – Walking is an effective way to exercise to help burn excess fat, lose weight, and reduce belly fat. However, how many steps do you need to walk each day to achieve this result?

1. How does walking help firm abdominal muscles?

walking , like other exercises, can help reduce body fat, as well as reduce belly fat. Walking is a flexible form of exercise that can be done anywhere and does not require support equipment.

Walking helps firm abdominal muscles thanks to:

– Walking helps burn more calories without being too tiring.

– Walking helps prevent muscle loss that can occur when cutting calories to reduce belly fat.

– Walking helps strengthen muscles. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn each day.

– Regular walking not only helps consume energy, but also helps build muscle to burn more calories, even when resting.

However, to reduce belly fat, you need to walk properly and persistently for a long time to achieve the highest effectiveness. At the same time, you need to combine walking with other exercises such as jogging, jumping rope, cycling, gym… to reduce belly fat.

Walking can help reduce overall body fat, as well as belly fat.

2. How much walking per day is needed to reduce belly fat?

Walking to reduce belly fat depends on many factors: Body weight, body composition, exercise efficiency and some other personal factors. In addition, the actual number of calories burned for each person will depend on the following factors: Walking speed, distance and terrain.

To effectively lose weight and reduce belly fat, Dr. Nguyen Trong Thuy recommends walking at least 150 minutes/week and not skipping exercise for more than one day. To find the ideal number of walking steps to reduce belly fat, you need to determine the number of calories burned from other activities and the amount of calories consumed daily. Besides, the amount of calories consumed must be less than the amount of calories consumed.

Losing 0.5 kg of excess fat (equivalent to about 3,500 calories) per week is considered a healthy weight loss goal and does not negatively affect your health. On average, with 2,000 steps/day, a person can burn about 100 calories. Therefore, if you want to lose 0.5 kg of excess fat per week, you need to consume an additional 500 calories/day, which means walking about 10,000 steps /day (equivalent to 8 km).

If you want to lose 0.5 kg of excess fat per week, you need to walk about 10,000 steps/day (equivalent to 8 km).

3. Walking helps firm abdominal muscles

Here’s how to maximize your walking routine to lose more belly fat:

– Walk after strength training sessions: Consider doing walking exercises after your weight training session. Combining these two forms of exercise will help practitioners achieve their goal of reducing belly fat faster.

– Walk faster : If you want to slim down and lose weight, you need to increase your speed when walking. Because the faster you walk, the more calories burned. However, how fast is reasonable depends on each person’s current fitness level and stride length.

– Combine slopes or stairs: To effectively reduce belly fat, you should climb stairs or walk on slopes. This will burn even more calories. The reason is that the muscles have to generate more force to push the body with each step when walking up an inclined surface. In addition, exercisers can walk on the treadmill with an arbitrary level of incline.

– Interval training: Adding interval training to your walking routine helps people lose belly fat quickly and maintain fat loss effectiveness. Walking can be alternated with cycling, jogging, swimming sessions…

– Walk more: You can walk many times a day by doing daily activities by walking: Going to the market, going for a walk…

– Wear a backpack: You can wear a weighted backpack to build strength while walking. Using a weighted backpack will increase the number of calories burned during walking because the body will carry a lot more weight.

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