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How to improve back pain during sex

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PT Health Life – For many people, back pain during sex makes it scary. There are simple ways to improve this problem so that sex is not a concern.

Sex is an integral part of a couple’s relationship, but pain can make it difficult to concentrate, which in turn can make it harder to become aroused and reach orgasm. However, don’t let chronic pain ruin your sex life and find ways to improve the problem.

1. Back pain during sex causes emotional and psychological problems

Chronic back pain can affect almost every aspect of life, including sex life.

The limitations caused by back pain can create stress and damage the relationship between a couple. People who are not in pain often find it difficult to understand what their spouse is going through. The negative effects that pain has on a couple’s sex life can easily spread to other aspects of the relationship as well.

Therefore, you should share with each other about your back pain so as not to misunderstand reluctance to engage in sexual activity as an excuse for not wanting to be intimate, which can easily lead to feelings of rejection and anger. angry or disappointed.

Chronic back pain can affect almost every aspect of life, including sex life. Most people with back pain experience a significant reduction in sexual activity because it causes or worsens the pain. In addition, chronic pain is also linked to depression, which can interfere with couples’ sex lives.

There is no type of chronic back pain that rules out sex. In fact, sex is an important part of healthy relationships. Therefore, couples should proactively maintain a healthy sex life even when suffering from chronic pain or chronic lower back pain.

You should talk to your doctor about pain during intercourse, as he or she can advise on ways to minimize pain during sex. It is important to let your spouse know that you are in pain and share any pain-related concerns.

In addition to communication, you can plan before having sex. Taking pain relievers , massaging, or applying pain-relieving creams also help relieve pain. For some people, a hot bath or shower beforehand can help soothe muscles and relieve pain. Additionally, physical therapy, especially with a spine specialist, can teach you exercises to help make sex less painful. Finally, finding the right sexual positions can help reduce pain.

2. What kind of back pain should limit sex?

Men tend to be affected by lower back pain more than women.

Men tend to be affected by lower back pain more than women. It is estimated that up to 84% of men have less sex because of low back pain. In addition to stress on the spine, the human body uses the core and hip muscles. Depending on the location of the pain, flexion (bending forward or sitting) or extension (leaning backwards) can make your muscles worse.

Movement of the spine related to sex can cause any chronic back pain related to disc disease, arthritis , spinal stenosis or herniated disc to flare up and irritate. People who have recently undergone back surgery and are recovering may also have chronic back pain and should avoid sex.

3. How to reduce back pain when doing “sex”

Here are some ways to reduce back pain to enjoy sex:

3.1 Use a pillow or towel

You can use a pillow or rolled towel to make your back more comfortable and help prevent back pain. Depending on your position, placing a pillow under your head or knees will reduce stress on your back. It can also help to elevate your hips with pillows so you don’t have to bend over.

3.2 Taking a warm bath helps relax your muscles

Warm baths are great for muscle pain and tension. The heat will help increase circulation and relax muscles. Warm baths are especially recommended for lower back pain.

3.3 Practice stretching or yoga to help keep your back flexible

Stretching helps improve flexibility and warm up your muscles before engaging in an activity, so try stretching or even doing some yoga poses before sex. Good poses to try are: Downward-Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, and Cat and Cow Pose.

3.4 Let your spouse know you have back pain

One way to help your relationship is to let them know you’re experiencing lower back pain during sex. Making your spouse aware of the situation means you can both solve the problem together and avoid making it worse.

4. Things to note

Any activity that leads to severe back pain should be stopped. Furthermore, it should be stopped if sharp pain appears during sexual intercourse.

You should also proactively take care of your back after having sex. Things like over-the-counter pain relievers, heat and ice therapy, Epsom salt baths (a pain-relieving salt), and massage for back pain can also help relieve pain during sex.

When a husband or wife has back pain, they should see a doctor to know how back pain affects their sex life. Depending on the condition and pain, the doctor will prescribe medication in dosages to ensure safety during sex because painkillers can also hinder excitement and orgasm in both men and women.

It is best for both of you to go to the doctor to understand how back pain affects the couple’s daily life, and follow the doctor’s advice and instructions.

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