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How to prevent dermatitis in children during the hot season?

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PT Health Life – Hot weather like today creates favorable conditions for microorganisms on the skin to grow. Therefore, young children are very susceptible to skin diseases. So, how to prevent dermatitis in children during the hot season?

When the weather is hot, bacteria will grow, children’s skin is very sensitive, so they are susceptible to skin diseases such as heat rash, intertrigo, blisters, boils, eczema… Excessive sweating will cause Children are itchy and often scratch, and their clothes are easily damp, which is a favorable environment for fungi to grow and skin diseases to appear. Not only that, when children go swimming, if they wear tight, wet clothes for a long time, poor hygiene… they are also susceptible to fungal infections and skin diseases.

1. Symptoms of skin diseases in children

There are many skin diseases in children, the most common of which is heat rash. This is a very common skin disease, especially in hot places. The disease will be severe in the hot summer because children sweat a lot, the sweat glands are compressed and blocked, making the sweat unable to escape.

Children often get rashes on their backs, causing itching and crying. With prickly heat rash, mothers should bathe their children every day with clean water, only using baby soap, not regular soap, because it can easily dry out the skin and cause skin irritation.

Impetigo is also a skin disease that can be self-infected and is very contagious, causing infection outside the hair follicles, commonly found in children, especially those with poor hygiene and malnutrition.

When children have skin diseases, they often show signs of blisters and blisters with a red, inflamed halo around them. Blisters quickly become pustules. The location can be found in any skin area, but is more often found in exposed areas.

One of the other common skin diseases in children is atopic dermatitis , also known as atopic eczema. This is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that causes intense itching.

The disease is manifested by vesicular lesions that grow in clusters on an erythematous base or recur repeatedly. The basic damage is blisters concentrated in clusters on the cheeks, forehead, and chin. However, it can spread to the arms, legs, back, abdomen… The damage is symmetrical, the patient itches a lot.

In addition, patients may have other symptoms such as: Dry skin, breast eczema, dark circles around the eyes, raised signs, keratosis pilaris, white powdery skirt, conjunctivitis, pale face, prone to allergies. Food allergies, cheilitis… Children with atopic dermatitis are susceptible to itching, affecting  sleep .

Normally, skin diseases that are properly cared for will heal quickly and will not cause infection or complications. If skin diseases are not properly taken care of, they will cause inflammation, superinfection, and even complications that are dangerous for children.

Hot weather will make children susceptible to skin diseases.

2. How to care for children’s skin during the hot season

To prevent skin diseases in children today, children should wear sun-protective clothing , hats, and glasses when going out in the sun and should keep them in shady places.

The child’s clothes must be dried before the child can wear them. Do not let the child wear damp clothes. Keep children’s hands, feet and body clean. Do not let your child come into contact with rain or dirty water… You should change your child’s clothes regularly, especially when it is hot. Because sweaty clothes will also make children susceptible to fungal skin diseases.

Always help children dry their sweat. During hot weather, children sweat easily. Therefore, you should pay attention to preparing soft cotton towels to help children absorb sweat.

Note that you should not use a fan to help your child cool down. It can cause dry skin and dehydration.

Children should be bathed more often than in the cold season, but should not be bathed too many times.

Note that you should bathe your child in warm water or prepare bath water with oils and scents specifically for children. Absolutely do not bathe children in cold water. After bathing, the child must dry quickly and thoroughly.

Use baby powder creams to protect your child’s skin.

Besides sunscreen, this season we also need to pay more attention to creams and powders that protect children’s skin.

Because the hot season is also the breeding season for insects, consult your pediatrician about insect repellant creams for children.

Regularly check your child’s skin and take him or her for regular health checkups.

Always watch for symptoms and check your child’s skin carefully. Don’t ignore any little sign.

You should take your child for regular health check-ups and when there are any unusual problems on your child’s skin, immediately take your child to a reputable dermatological facility. Be careful not to use topical medications on children without a doctor’s prescription.

Pay special attention to children with poor resistance, poor hygiene, malnutrition , existing diseases such as atopic dermatitis… will be more susceptible to the disease and the disease will be more severe.

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