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How to treat heat stroke?

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PT Health Life – According to Oriental medicine, the main cause of heatstroke is due to weakened “right qi” (resistance), and exposure to “evil” from outside, causing the disease.

Heat causes many health consequences

1. Symptoms of heat stroke

– Increased body temperature, hot skin, no sweating or excessive sweating, cold skin.

-Increased heart rate, breathing rate, palpitations.

-Dizziness , headache.

-Dry throat , thirsty mouth .

-Red eyes, red tongue, red face, rapid and small pulse.

In severe cases, there may be fainting, coma, cardiovascular collapse, and heat stroke leading to death.

2. Local treatment for heat stroke 

Quickly lower the patient’s body temperature by moving the patient to a cool, shaded place; loosen and take off some clothes.

Use a cool towel to wring out, compress, and apply to places such as the forehead, face, neck, armpits, and groin.

An Duong acupuncture point

Add water when the patient is still conscious and does not vomit much.

Call for medical assistance and take the patient to the nearest medical facility.

In case the patient faints, in addition to the above treatments, you can massage and press some acupuncture points to help wake you up while waiting for assistance from medical staff:

Hegu acupuncture point location

The philtrum point: 1/3 above the philtrum groove    .

Yin Duong point: The intersection between the two eyebrows.

He Gu point: The hollow between the index finger and thumb.

3. Prevent  heatstroke

-Drink enough water .

-Avoid going out on days with high temperatures. When going outside, you must have protective clothing, hats, umbrellas, sunglasses…

-Do not work too long in the sun, in a hot environment or do too much physical activity outdoors.

-Increase the body’s nutrition with some vegetables that have cooling properties have the effect of detoxifying, cooling, revitalizing, and quenching thirst such as fresh pennywort juice , lotus leaf juice watermelon juice , and luffa juice. bitter (bitter melon): Remove the intestines, slice thinly, boil, let cool and drink…


4. Remedy to treat heatstroke

After the dangerous stage has passed, the patient has regained consciousness, but is still tired, and can use one of the following two remedies :

Lesson 1:   Sinh gypsum (living gypsum) 15g, mondo grass (fairy hair root) 10g, 10g agarwood, 15g sa ginseng, 10g euphorbia (lotus leaf), 20g whole green beans 5g licorice . Will drink.

Lesson 2: 6g ginseng, 15g mondo grass, 10g schisandra, 10g astragalus, 6g amygdala, 15g medicinal herb, 6g licorice . Will drink .

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