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Indispensable skin care routine for women in their 30s

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PT Health Life – In addition to applying basic skin care steps (cleansing, moisturizing), add appropriate products to help reduce signs of premature aging and keep skin bright, healthy, and youthful.. .

After the age of 30, the amount of hormones in the body begins to naturally decline and the rate of collagen and elastin production is lower.

This is one of the reasons why the skin gradually shows signs of premature aging such as dark circles under the eyes , crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes becoming more obvious, the skin is no longer shiny and elastic, and there are more spots. dark spots, freckles …

Therefore, proper skin care becomes more important than ever to keep skin bright, healthy, and full of vitality.

In addition to cleaning and moisturizing the skin, women in their 30s should note:

1. Use sunscreen every day

Applying sunscreen is an extremely necessary skin care step to protect the skin from the effects of sunlight and the environment. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to signs of premature aging such as wrinkles , dark spots, and melasma. Using sunscreen can help you protect and maintain your skin’s inherent beauty.

Applying sunscreen is an extremely necessary skin care step to protect the skin from the effects of sunlight and the environment.

There are 2 types of sunscreen: chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen:

– Physical sunscreen has main ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Physical sunscreen is the most benign and least irritating form of sunscreen for the skin, suitable for many skin types. However, the thick cream can easily cause skin irritation and clog pores for acne-prone skin.

– Chemical sunscreen has a thinner texture, does not cause stickiness, does not clog pores, and absorbs quickly. However, chemical ingredients can cause skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Depending on your skin type and needs, choose the appropriate sunscreen. The amount of sunscreen sufficient for the face is about 2 peas. Pay attention to areas of skin that are often overlooked without sunscreen such as the feet, nape, ears, hands and legs.

2. Exfoliate

You should exfoliate 1-2 times a week , removing the layer of dead cells on the skin’s surface, helping your skin look brighter, preventing clogged pores, and making your skin less prone to acne. Besides, long-term exfoliation can increase collagen production, making the skin bright and full of vitality.

3. Add some anti-aging skin care ingredients

3.1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an essential role in collagen production to maintain skin texture and elasticity. In addition, vitamin C is also an antioxidant, helping to protect the skin from free radicals that cause premature aging.

Vitamin C has been proven to protect against harmful UVA rays. You should use vitamin C essence in the morning before applying sunscreen containing SPF to increase effectiveness against UV rays.

Before using vitamin C, test the reaction on a small area of ​​skin to check if your skin is compatible with this ingredient. If after 24 hours you do not see any signs of irritation, you can use it on the entire face.

Vitamin C will oxidize over time. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve carefully, avoid sunlight, carefully check the expiration date and product condition before use.

Vitamin C plays an essential role in collagen production to maintain skin texture and elasticity.

3.2. Retinol

Retinol promotes the production of collagen and elastin (which determines skin elasticity and rejuvenation), supports the acne treatment process , and effectively prevents brown spots, melasma, and freckles. When using retinol properly, wrinkles are reduced, skin is smoother, moisture and elasticity are significantly improved, skin becomes bright and smooth.

You can consult a dermatologist for advice on dosage and safe use. For example, for normal and combination skin, retinol can be used in the order of makeup remover – cleanser – toner – serum – retinol – moisturizer.

Besides, studies have proven that combining retinol and vitamin C together will increase treatment and skin care results, help fight free radicals, increase collagen production and brighten the skin.

The safest way is to use vitamin C in the morning and retinol in the evening. If used at the same time in your evening skin care routine, use vitamin C first, then apply retinol for about 20 minutes so that the product can work well. Especially when using retinol, don’t forget sunscreen to protect your skin.

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