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Lock Your Mouth Fasting to Lose Weight? And What are the Effects on Health?

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The Mistake That Many Brothers And Sisters Make When Losing Weight Is Fasting To Lose Weight?


1 Rapid weight loss and its consequences

1.1 Body weakness due to lack of nutrition

Body Weakness, Illustration

One of the quick weight loss methods that women often make mistakes with is fasting to lose weight. Due to fasting to lose weight or dieting too harshly, many people experience malnutrition and lack of necessary nutrients.
A diet that focuses on a lot of vegetables and fruits but ignores meat and fish leads to a lack of calcium and protein…
People who diet for a long time to lose weight quickly also lack vitamins A, D, E… causing a state of deterioration.
Body fatigue, sluggishness, and difficulty concentrating when working are common symptoms of people who lose weight quickly.
If the diet is not balanced soon, this person will continue to lose weight due to malnutrition and it will be difficult to regain. You can also fall into a state of low blood pressure, faint… if you fast for too long.

1.2 Gain weight again quickly

Weight Gain, Illustration

Due to rapid weight loss by taking medication or dieting, you will feel your body has a nutritional imbalance, causing fatigue and exhaustion.
After successfully losing weight, you tend to eat well again to strengthen your body’s health.
This leads to weight regain. That’s why many people who lose weight unscientifically find it difficult to maintain a slim figure long term.

1.3 Body Sagging

Sagging body, Illustration Image

The nature of rapid weight loss is to drain water and fat from the muscles, so when you lose weight too quickly, the muscles that cannot adapt will easily contract and become flabby.
People who lose weight rapidly also experience sagging, wrinkled and discolored facial skin due to lack of nutrients and severe dehydration.
Would you dare to trade weight loss for damage to your appearance?
The best way to lose weight comes from a scientific diet, the number of calories consumed is less than the number of calories consumed.
In addition, don’t forget to exercise regularly so that your muscles become firm after consuming a large amount of fat.

1.4 Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders, Illustrations

Losing weight too quickly causes you to encounter digestive problems such as diarrhea, stomach pain, stomach ulcers, nausea, loss of appetite…
Especially today’s rapid weight loss drugs all contain stomach fillers. Thickness makes you lose your appetite while increasing water excretion, causing your body to lose weight quickly. In addition, you will experience symptoms of acute diarrhea, nausea, etc., causing gastrointestinal disorders.

1.5 Hair and nail loss

Hair Loss, Illustration

A diet lacking protein makes hair weak and prone to breakage.
A similar situation occurs with fingernails and toenails when they become dull, peel easily, and the nail surface becomes rougher.
Experts advise you not to ignore animal meats (salmon, tuna, beef, chicken, duck meat…) to get enough energy for your body’s activities.

2 How to Lose Weight Scientifically

Exercise, Illustration

1 Exercise Helps Lose Weight

1.1 Benefits of Exercise

Combining an exercise routine with a healthy diet is a more effective way to lose weight. much more than just restricting calorie intake.
Exercise helps prevent or even prevent. Even reverses the effects of certain diseases on the body.
Exercise reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thereby preventing cardiovascular problems.
Exercise is very helpful for losing weight and maintaining weight after loss. Motor.
Increases metabolism and calories burned each day.
In addition, some exercises help you maintain or increase lean muscle mass and this will further boost your metabolism and calorie burn.

1.2 Frequency and duration of exercise to lose weight?

To get the health benefits of exercise, you should do cardio exercises at least three times a week, each session lasting at least 20 minutes.
However, if you want to lose weight, you should exercise more.
15 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise daily, such as walking 1.5km, will help burn up to 100 calories. Burning 700 calories per week can help you lose 4.6kg within a year.

1.3 Exercise intensity

In order for your exercise routine to bring maximum health benefits, you should incorporate some high-intensity exercises.
To know your exercise intensity, you can check your heart rate.
The basic formula to determine maximum heart rate is 220 minus your current age. You should try. Exercise so that your heart rate is 60 to 80% of your maximum heart rate.
If you are not familiar, you should ask the trainer at the gym to guide you on the appropriate exercise intensity for each session.
People with health conditions that require limited movement such as: injuries, joint pain, diabetes or heart disease should consult a doctor before starting any exercise regime.

1.4 Common types of exercises

If done regularly, any exercise can be effective in weight loss.
That’s why experts recommend choosing exercises that you love so you can maintain a regular exercise routine. Below are some of the most popular exercises.

1.5 Do cardio

Whether you exercise to lose weight or for any other purpose, the exercise regimen is the same. There should be cardio exercises.
These exercises have many different benefits such as enhancing cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, regulating weight, strengthening the immune system, helping to sleep well…
Some cardio exercises including walking, jogging, and cycling. cycling, swimming, jumping rope, burpees, jumping jacks and exercises at the gym such as treadmills, elliptical machines or stair climbers.

1.6 Weight training

A big benefit of weight training is that it not only helps reduce fat but also strengthens muscle mass.
Muscle groups help increase metabolism and burn calories, thereby supporting more effective weight loss. Experts recommend exercising all major muscle groups three times per week.

1.7 Be active every day

Not only exercising, increasing movement in daily life outside of exercise time is also important.
Even if you spend 1 – 2 hours exercising every day but sit still the rest of the time, you will still be at risk of obesity and many other diseases.
That’s why it’s important to have an active lifestyle. Just need small changes in shopping habits. days can also make a big difference to your waistline and weight.
To have a more active lifestyle, try to practice habits such as: Walking or cycling instead of riding a motorbike if possible Climbing the stairs instead of the elevator…

Notes before exercising
: Talk to your doctor before you start an exercise regimen if you have health problems such as:
Cardiovascular disease Lung
Diabetes kidney
People who are sedentary Active,
haven’t exercised in a long time,
overweight people,
In the beginning, you must pay attention to your body’s behavior. If you feel pain, difficulty breathing or show any signs of discomfort, stop immediately.
If there are no problems, after a while you should gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise. Although. However, be careful not to overexercise to avoid injury.

2 Eat Healthy

Scientific Eating, Illustrations

2.1 What is healthy eating?

A healthy diet will contain ingredients that are healthy, clean and good for your health.
Usually they are fresh foods, without preservatives or additives, and do not contain too much fat or spices.
Menus that ensure a healthy diet will help you improve your health, increase resistance, reduce the risk of cancer or liver, kidney, and cardiovascular diseases.
Besides, such a diet also helps the body avoid accumulating excess fat, helping to lose weight effectively while still ensuring enough nutrients.

2.2 How to build a good healthy diet.

A truly healthy diet must be a diet that includes foods that help supplement the necessary nutrients and energy, while still ensuring a minimum of substances that can cause disease.
Normally, the foods that people prioritize in a healthy menu include pure protein, unrefined starch, healthy fats, lots of vegetables, vitamins and limited spices.
Specifically for each group:

  • Starch: Supplements carbohydrates, lots of Vitamin B and fiber. Helps you feel full for a long time because it is metabolized slowly. Found in many types of rice, dry grains, cereals, flour, sweet potatoes,…
  • Protein: Helps supplement Protein, which is the main source of energy for the body. Found in chicken breast, beef tenderloin, salmon and vegetarian foods such as tofu, mushrooms, etc.
  • Fat: Helps replenish lipids, which is one of the three main substances that help create energy besides Carbohydrates and Proteins. However, you should limit your consumption of fat or greasy fried foods. You should not use cooking oils derived from animal fats, but prefer to use cooking oils derived from plants such as olives, soybeans, peanuts, etc.
  • Fiber and Vitamins: You should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to supplement fiber and vitamins. Vitamins are extremely important, helping to beautify the skin, reduce hair loss, and play an important part in the process of hair loss. Convert raw food into energy.
  • Spices: Don’t eat too much salt and sugar. As for salt, consuming too much will cause kidney failure, in addition to the risks of stroke, high blood pressure and stomach cancer. As for sugar, because it is sweet, it can easily cause diabetes and the risk of overweight and obesity.

A healthy diet will bring many benefits to your health.
Although there are many great benefits, however, you also need to take a little effort in preparing.
Choosing fresh, quality food sources and maintaining a somewhat “extreme” diet is not easy, especially for those who are constantly busy.
Besides wasting time, the cost of a healthy diet will also be relatively more expensive than eating normally.

And that’s all the information about “What is Healthy and its effects on our health”. Hopefully through this article, you will be able to build a healthy lifestyle and diet for yourself that is good for your health.

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