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Postpartum depression – Prevention is better than cure

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Pt Health Life – After giving birth, women experience many changes, these changes sometimes increase the risk of depression.

Postpartum depression is related to emotions, psychological states of boredom, negative thoughts, anxiety… If the husband does not understand, sympathize and share with his wife,   postpartum depression will occur. Birth can take a turn for the worse…

1. Factors that increase postpartum depression

Factors that increase postpartum depression

After going through labor, women are often physically exhausted. Especially those who had a cesarean section or had complications at birth. After giving birth, the mother has to stay up late to breastfeed the baby… along with other stresses: unsatisfactory pregnancies, premature babies, babies with birth defects…

Families lacking economic conditions; Parents lack baby care skills; Lack of support from family and society… are factors that increase mother’s depression after giving birth.

1.1 Measures to prevent postpartum depression

Prevention is still better than treatment, so after giving birth you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1.2 Habitat

If possible, you should return to your maternal grandmother (birth mother) for a while, especially in the first months after giving birth. Although it is not true that the mother-in-law is not capable of taking care of her children and grandchildren. But when a woman gives birth, she is very weak and fragile, so having a biological mother – someone who always understands her daughter better – will help her a lot.

Furthermore, communication between daughters and biological mothers is also easier. Girls can ask for help from their biological mother without any fear. In reality, daughters-in-law are often afraid to ask their mother-in-law to help with this or that task, even though their mother-in-law loves them very much.

In addition, when returning to her mother’s home, pregnant women can easily receive help from other relatives (sisters, friends…).

If you already have your own home, you can ask your mother or siblings to stay with you and help you take care of the baby in the early stages.

1.3 Change yourself

Before giving birth, the mother and her husband should participate in prenatal classes, baby care classes… to reduce worry when encountering difficulties when taking care of the newborn.

– Pregnant women need to be trusted and always think that the time of pregnancy and childbirth is the most meaningful time in their lives. Pregnancy and childbirth will pass and not return. Therefore, the days spent at home taking care of the baby are the happiest days.

– You should take pictures of your baby to compare your baby’s development every day and you will find yourself having fun.

– Breastfeeding is also a way to increase mother-child affection.

– Even if the baby is small, pregnant women should go out more. Go shopping, gather friends to eat, or simply drive around the city. If conditions allow, you can bring your baby along. If pregnant women just stay at home and do monotonous things, they will be bored and have negative thoughts.

– Spend some free time doing things you like (reading books, watching movies…) that you haven’t been able to do before.

– Increase “friends” with relatives and friends, join associations to exchange knowledge about baby care (remember to choose a reputable association…)

– Eliminate negative thoughts, especially about the husband: why doesn’t he come home early, why doesn’t he receive me, why does he not listen when I talk.

At this time, women are very weak physically and mentally, so be proactive and not let negative thoughts affect you. Things related to my husband, “will be discussed later”…

1.4 For the husband

–  You should join your wife in prenatal and baby care classes. . . to be able to support his wife.

– Share household chores and child care with your wife, especially at night so that your wife can have a good night’s sleep.

– Every week there must be at least one complete baby care session so that the wife can rest and have time to comfortably do the things they like.

– Avoid grumbling or nagging your wife for any reason…

We all know that having children is a great happiness in every family. Whether a woman’s difficulties during childbirth can quickly pass or become more severe depends greatly on how the mother and her relatives overcome that period together.

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