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Revealing 6 exercises that help gain weight most effectively

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Many people are overweight so they have to exercise at high intensity to burn fat, and there are also many cases where people are underweight and have to look for exercise solutions to improve their physique. Are you experiencing this situation? If you want to gain weight effectively, please refer to the 6 simple weight gain exercises below!

1. Why do you have to exercise to gain weight?

One of the reasons many people choose to exercise to gain weight is because these exercises are built according to their own mechanisms, capable of having a great impact on the muscles, helping to stimulate the development of the muscles. muscle. According to experts, the dense development of muscles, overwhelming the amount of fat in the body, will still help your weight increase significantly, and also help create a feeling of muscle relaxation for those who regularly exercise. have to sit a lot and exercise little. In addition, fast and intense exercises will also contribute to better metabolism, thereby stimulating feelings of hunger and appetite in the practitioner.

Exercise helps promote digestion, creating a better feeling of eating for thin people (Source: Internet)

In addition, exercise also makes our mind more comfortable, helps us sleep better and sleep deeper. The digestive process also happens more smoothly, the body absorbs it better, and in the long run it will significantly improve your muscles.

2. Revealing 6 surprisingly effective exercises to gain weight

Below are 6 highly effective weight gain exercises, verified by experts and many subjects:

2.1 Push-up exercise

Push-ups are a weight-gaining exercise that is no longer strange to anyone. This exercise has a great effect in improving upper body shape, increasing shoulder and arm strength. Not to mention, this movement is performed quite simply and easily, without requiring too many complicated movements or any supporting equipment. You can do this exercise anywhere, during any workout period:


  • Step 1: Lie face down on the mat or floor. Spread your palms wide, resting on the floor/carpet. Use the force in your arms to lift your body up. Legs and back keep straight
  • Step 2: Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows
  • Step 3: When your chest is 3-5cm from the floor/mat, use your hands to push yourself back to the starting position. The back and legs remain straight
  • Step 4: Repeat the movement 10 – 15 times each set; One workout session should be done from 3 to 5 rounds to get the most outstanding results
Push-ups are a highly effective weight-gaining exercise

2.2 Pull-up exercise

Pull-ups are also an exercise to gain weight that you cannot ignore. This exercise is very effective in shaping your biceps and forearm muscles.


  • Step 1: Use both hands to hold the bar firmly, palms facing outward. Keep both hands parallel to the shoulders
  • Step 2: Lift your feet off the ground by using your arms to pull your whole body up
  • Step 3: When your chin touches the bar, stop and slowly lower your body, keeping your arms straight
  • Step 4: Repeat 10 – 15 times for each brand, performing 2 sets/session
Pull-up weight gain exercise (Source: Internet)

2.3 Jump Squat exercise

Besides having a deep impact on muscle areas and improving weight, Jump Squat is also known as an effective therapy to help increase the size of the buttocks, firm the thigh muscles, and eliminate maximum fat. abdominal excess.


  • Step 1: Stand straight, eyes looking straight, feet shoulder-width apart
  • Step 2: Raise your arms above your head, palms behind your head
  • Step 3: Take a deep breath and tighten your buttocks and abdominal muscles. Then bend your knees and push your hips back
  • Step 4: Press your heels into the floor, tense your thigh muscles and jump up high. You should jump as high as you can
  • Step 5: When your toes touch the ground, immediately squat and jump up. Repeat continuously until the end of the exercise.
Jump Squat exercise (Source: Internet)

2.4 Bench Dips exercise

Bench Dips is an ideal choice for those who want to gain weight. However, there is one point to note when performing this exercise: this exercise is not for those with back or neck injuries.


  • Step 1: Choose a chair that is large and sturdy enough (can be a park bench). Next, lean your back against the chair to form a right angle. Legs forward, perpendicular to the abdomen
  • Step 2: Bend your elbows and push your body down to create a perpendicular position with the ground/floor
  • Step 3: Straighten your arms and push your body back to the starting position
  • Step 4: Continuously perform the movement 20 – 30 times before ending the exercise
Bench Dips weight gain exercise (Source: Internet)

2.5 Running exercises

Not too difficult and not requiring much technique, jogging is also a good method to help stimulate weight gain and improve your overall health and spirit. However, you should warm up carefully before running and buy yourself a pair of quality shoes to make the training process go as smoothly as possible.

Jogging is also a good method to help stimulate weight gain and improve overall health (Source: Internet)

2.6 Bench Press exercise

Bench Press is very useful in shaping the back muscles, triceps, biceps and front deltoids, especially playing an important role in promoting muscle development and increasing weight.


  • Step 1: Lie straight on the bench, bringing your body to the most relaxing state
  • Step 2: Slowly raise the weight by straightening your arms
  • Step 3: Continue pulling the barbell down by bending your arms, creating a 90 degree angle between the two arm parts
  • Step 4: Repeat the movements 4 – 5 times/set, balancing the number of sets depending on your condition and health.
Bench Press exercise (Source: Internet)

3. Some weight gain tips for skinny people

One of the important reasons why we are skinny or have difficulty gaining weight is not eating enough, the amount of food consumed is lower than the amount of energy consumed. Therefore, if you want to gain weight quickly and effectively, you need to proactively combine a suitable diet in addition to performing weight-gaining exercises.

Below are some suggestions on food groups and types of foods you should consider supplementing if you want to gain weight effectively:

  • Starch group: Includes familiar foods such as rice and bread. According to nutrition experts, the amount of starch a skinny person must consume in a month is 12kg or more.
  • Vegetables: This is the best natural source of fiber, minerals and vitamins for each of us. Eating enough green vegetables and fruits will help the digestive system work better, boosting metabolism and increasing productivity.
  • Protein group: Protein or protein is the main cause of muscle formation and promotes muscle growth. Therefore, if you want to gain weight, you need to pay attention to adding protein through a number of foods such as meat, eggs, beans,…
  • Fat group: Not all fats are good, so you should prioritize healthy fat groups recommended by experts such as olive oil, butter, etc. Pay special attention to the amount of fat you intake to Balanced nutrition, ensuring the body is always healthy
Supplementing a nutritious menu is the best way to promote weight gain (Source: Internet)

In addition, you should also apply the following tips to promote your weight gain: 

  • Balance your calorie intake: You can calibrate each of your meals, calculate in detail the amount of calories consumed at each meal and adjust up if you see that the number of calories you use during the day is not higher than the energy you consume.
  • Divide meals into small meals so that the body can fully absorb nutrients. In particular, you should pay attention to adding juices, nuts and fruits to these meals.
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