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Should elderly people take multivitamins every day?

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PT Health Life – Elderly people often have problems with digestion and poor absorption. Therefore, many people want to supplement multivitamins and functional foods to compensate for the body’s lack of nutrients.

1. Do elderly people need vitamin supplements?

Many elderly people believe that poor diet causes the body to not have enough nutrients, so they often arbitrarily supplement with supplements , multivitamins or functional foods . However, for the elderly, supplementing the body with nutrients through daily eating with natural foods is still best.

For elderly people who have digestive problems or malabsorption that causes the body to not have enough vitamins and minerals, they can choose to drink more milk to supplement nutrients. Among them, the elderly should prioritize choosing fresh milk as the best.

Elderly people often suffer from underlying diseases such as hypertension , diabetes , bones and joints , cardiovascular disease… so they need to use many types of drugs for treatment. Adding functional foods or vitamins will increase the amount of medicine taken into the body, thereby affecting tolerance. Besides, it is inevitable that drug interactions can cause side effects .

Therefore, when wanting to supplement multivitamins or functional foods, elderly people need to consult a treating doctor. Doctors will base on each person’s health status and underlying medical conditions to prescribe appropriate vitamins and minerals with reasonable dosages.

Elderly people or family members should not arbitrarily buy multivitamins or functional foods for the elderly to use. Arbitrarily using multivitamins or functional foods can cause unhealthy side effects and even waste money.

The best way is for the elderly to supplement nutrients through their daily diet.

2. What should elderly people eat and drink?

Supplementing vitamins and minerals for the body through a daily menu with fresh, living foods is still best for the health of the elderly. However, the elderly often have digestive problems that cause poor absorption. Therefore, the first important factor is to ensure daily food safety by eating cooked and boiled drinks and using foods of clear origin. For better absorption, foods should be soft or liquid.

Elderly people should eat plant proteins such as beans, peanuts, sesame, tofu… and lean meat. You should eat foods high in calcium such as milk, dairy products, fish… Besides, you need to increase fresh fruits and vegetables to provide more vitamins and minerals. Some fruits and vegetables to choose are: radishes, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, citrus, papaya…

What should elderly people drink? Elderly people need to drink enough water every day and should drink at least 1.5 liters of water. Elderly people should be careful not to drink a lot at night, before going to bed. Instead, it should be divided into several doses. If you drink too much water at once, it can cause urination disorders and nighttime urination , affecting your night’s sleep.

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