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Should people with stomach pain drink lemon water?

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PT health Life – Lemonade is a familiar beverage to everyone. Drinking lemon water has many uses such as increasing the body’s immunity, supporting digestion, helping with weight loss, and fighting depression. However, should people with stomach pain drink lemon juice?

In principle, people with stomach disease should not use a lot of this type of water because it can worsen the symptoms of the disease. In particular, people who often suffer from reflux and heartburn should not drink to avoid damaging the body.

One thing worth noting, people with stomach pain should absolutely not use it on an empty stomach. Because drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach will have a negative effect on the stomach and can erode the outer lining cells of the stomach, making the pain worse.

People with stomach pain should not drink lemon juice, especially on an empty stomach, which can easily make the condition worse.

So, when should people with stomach pain drink lemon water? Recommendations show that for people with stomach problems, the best time to drink lemon water is about 30 minutes after eating.

People with stomach pain should not drink pure concentrated lemon juice. They should dilute it with plenty of warm water before drinking to reduce acidity and sour taste. This helps ensure the stomach lining is not irritated or irritated.

Lemon juice also brings many benefits to the digestive system, so people with stomach pain can also drink lemon juice but in a moderate dose, properly and at the right time. Do not overuse and drink too much lemon juice because it will make the symptoms of stomach pain worse.

1. Eating habits when having stomach pain should be avoided

When having stomach pain, patients also need to pay attention to a number of issues related to eating such as:

Do not eat a lot of spicy dishes, for people with gastric and duodenal ulcers, it will harm the stomach lining, causing damage, leading to very dangerous stomach ulcers.

Even if people are not sick, using too much spicy food for too long can cause harm to the stomach. Especially the use of red chili, if the chili is dyed it may contain sudan or moldy fresh chili also contains aflatoxins that cause poisoning and cancer .

People with stomach pain need to pay attention to their diet to help reduce pain.

You should not eat too much at one meal, you can divide the main meal into more meals to ensure nutrition without having to eat a lot at one meal.

Eating on time is one of the leading causes of stomach pain. Therefore, it is necessary to eat at the right time, avoid being hungry, causing increased acid secretion and stronger stomach contractions, causing stomach pain.

You should avoid eating and drinking water at the same time because this is not a good habit for your health. Because, when a lot of food and liquid enters the stomach at the same time, digestion will stagnate. Therefore, whether it is water or fruit juice, it is harmful to the stomach.

In addition, there are many people who have the habit of eating soup, which is also a worrying problem. This habit will make you lazy to chew and swallow faster. The food has not been digested in time and is still in hard form, so the stomach has to work harder to crush the food. If this condition persists for a long time, it will lead to very dangerous chronic stomach pain.

Frequently eating hard foods, high in fiber or foods high in acid are also eating habits that are harmful to the stomach and should be avoided as soon as possible. To help the stomach not have to work too much, it is best to limit eating hard, chewy foods. Because these foods will rub against the stomach lining or force the stomach to contract and grind too much, causing damage.

To reduce the burden on the stomach, people should not eat too much processed foods that are fried, stir-fried, grilled, mixed, or foods high in fiber such as bamboo shoots, celery, and highly acidic foods. , containing a lot of vitamin C such as oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, yogurt, especially should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

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