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Suggested surprisingly effective jumping rope exercises for weight loss

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Jumping rope is a simple sport, widely used in daily exercise. Not only does it improve health and flexibility, but for people who want to lose weight, this sport also plays a huge role in promoting the process of burning excess fat and restoring their desired figure. In the article below, PT Health Life will suggest you effective weight loss jumping rope exercises, helping you achieve your expected results.

1. Does jumping rope help you lose weight?

Jumping rope is an exercise that requires movement of the whole body, involving many muscle groups and senses. Therefore, it is very effective in losing weight and burning fat. In particular, swinging the rope and jumping during exercise also plays a role in promoting cardiovascular and pulmonary activities, creating a continuous respiratory rhythm, expressed through rapid breathing and sweat secretion, helping The fat burning process is more intense.

According to experts, the average amount of calories burned when jumping rope is about 10 calories/minute (for normal physical condition), reaching 500 calories if exercising for 20 – 30 minutes. So if you jump rope to lose weight properly, exercise with reasonable intensity, and combine a scientific diet, you can completely achieve the fast weight loss results you expect. Experts also confirm that whether or not jumping rope will cause enlarged calves to lose weight is not really a big problem if you understand the correct exercise technique. Jumping rope absolutely does not cause big and rough calves. Even when exercising for a long time, this exercise also helps tone the calves very effectively.

Does jumping rope help you lose weight? (Source: Internet)

Besides the use of jumping rope for weight loss, this sport is also known for many other great effects such as: improving cardiovascular health, increasing endurance, increasing reflexes, promoting metabolism, increasing the ability to maintain balance,… Best of all, this subject does not require too much technique, so beginners can immediately apply this exercise in their physical activity program. your daily exercise.

2. Exercises combined with jumping rope effectively lose weight at home

Here are some effective weight loss jumping rope exercises that you can do right at home:

2.1 Jump rope alternately

Instead of basic jumping rope as usual, you can adjust the exercise in a more flexible way by jumping rope alternately. This exercise will help create flexibility for muscles and joints, enhancing natural reflexes.


  • Step 1: Place the jump rope in the correct position. Next, lift the rope over your head
  • Step 2: Instead of jumping two feet at a time like a regular jumping rope exercise, you jump one foot at a time, similar to running on the spot. Remember to lift your knees about 2.5 cm higher off the floor
  • Step 3: Perform the movement continuously for 10 times or about 1 minute. You can extend your exercise time if you want to speed up the rate of burning calories
Jump rope exercise to lose weight using alternating rope jumping style (Source: Internet)

2.2 Jump to one side

Jumping to one side is a variation of the jumping rope exercise for weight loss that many people use. This exercise is relatively easy to do and can be practiced at any time of the day.


  • Step 1: Place the wire in the usual position
  • Step 2: Jump, jump and move a few centimeters to the right
  • Step 3: Do the same with the left hand side. Can practice continuously for 1 minute or longer.
Jump rope to lose weight by jumping to one side (Source: Internet)

2.3 Jump rope and split legs

Jumping rope splits is a weight loss jumping rope exercise that requires high technique because if done incorrectly, you will likely step on the rope and fall:


  • Step 1: Place your legs straight, the soles of your feet together. Get up and put it in the right position
  • Step 2: Bring the jump rope over your head, jump over the rope and spread your legs shoulder-width apart
  • Step 3: Change beats 1 and 2 and dance for about 25 – 30 minutes after finishing the exercise

​Some notes to remember to jump rope properly and effectively

To effectively lose weight by jumping rope, you need to pay attention to basic jumping techniques and some principles when practicing as follows:

Jump rope and split legs (Source: Internet)

2.4 Jump duration

This is one of the top principles you need to keep in mind when jumping rope. Many people, because they want to burn off the stage, increase their exercise tempo too high and prolong their exercise time. This is not necessarily true because our bodies need time to recover. High-intensity training over a long period of time can make you more susceptible to injury, and can cause a feeling of boredom after a few days of doing it.

According to exercise experts, you should only do jumping rope for 15 to 30 minutes a day, maintain 3 to 5 training sessions per week and should split the time at different times to be more effective. Especially don’t forget to arrange reasonable rest time.

2.5 Choose a suitable jump rope

You should choose a jump rope of moderate length, not too short or too long because it may affect your exercise process. In addition, you should choose jump rope models with smooth and sturdy handles to avoid slipping or calluses on your hands due to long-term exercise.

Choose a suitable jump rope, not too short or too long (Source: Internet)

2.6 Warm up thoroughly before jumping

Before jumping rope, you should warm up for 5-7 minutes to warm up your body and get used to the movements of your muscles and joints, avoiding muscle contractions and cramps when exercising.

2.7 Combine jumping rope to lose weight with other exercises

Jumping rope can help you lose weight quickly, but it doesn’t mean it will help you balance your muscle proportions and body shape completely as desired. You need to combine it with many other exercise subjects such as running, cycling, gym, playing football,… to improve exercise efficiency and create a new feeling when pursuing the goal of weight loss programs. proposed scale.

2.8 Build a suitable nutritional regimen

Above all, nutrition plays a huge role in promoting fat burning and weight loss, and is an important factor affecting the effectiveness of jumping rope exercises. Therefore, pay close attention to this issue and balance your diet with foods rich in protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals. Limit eating fried foods, sweets, and unhealthy fats.

Build a reasonable diet combined with jumping rope to lose weight (Source: Internet)


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