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Tips to help children improve their concentration and memory during exam season

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PT health Life – Exams are approaching, not only students but also parents are worried. What should I prepare for my child to have an effective exam season?

The exam preparation period is the time when students need to concentrate highly on studying and accumulating knowledge. However, many children have poor concentration, and even their learning performance has decreased compared to previous times.

Before the exam, the pressure is always heavy and often occurs in most candidates, depending on the level of severity, forcing them to stretch. Exam pressure causes many students to fall into a state of anxiety, fear, insomnia , panic, psychological disorders… Therefore, students need to be well prepared psychologically…

If parents always care, help, and encourage them in a timely manner, they will help their children gain stability and confidence.

A certain amount of time can be set aside for children to relax with their family, which also changes their psychological state from stressful to stable. To support their children during exam season, parents should consider applying the following methods:

1. Prepare an ideal learning environment

Create a quiet, comfortable space for your child, ensuring enough light and airiness so that they can focus on studying more effectively. Parents need to help their children eliminate distracting factors such as noise, electronic devices, etc.

It is necessary to guide children in implementing techniques to increase concentration such as: Persistently completing one task before moving on to another, arranging lessons in order of priority.

Focus on work for a short period of time (e.g. 25 minutes), then rest for a short period of time (5 – 10 minutes) and repeat the process.

2. Need scientific activities

The closer the exam date is, the more important it is to conduct scientific activities for candidates. Parents, please work with your children to create a specific and detailed study schedule for each day and each week. Divide time balance between subjects and other activities such as exercise, entertainment and rest. Identify specific goals that your child needs to achieve during that time to increase concentration.

To achieve good results in the exam, children need to have proper nutrition, relaxation, exercise and strong psychological preparation.

3. Make sure to get enough sleep

In addition to reviewing, parents need to make sure their children get enough sleep to restore their health and help increase their ability to concentrate better.

It is also necessary to avoid giving children the habit of drinking strong tea or coffee to stay up late studying. The brain can increase activity for a short time, but when the brain is really tired, the ability to remember will decrease. Furthermore, studying late at night will lead to fatigue the next morning, leading to a situation of sleeping during the day and staying up at night, and the physiological clock will change. It is best to take a short nap of about an hour during the day and 4 – 5 hours at night when you feel tired or after studying for many hours continuously.

4. You should rest and relax

In the days leading up to the exam, you should create a happy and comfortable mentality, because if you have a negative mentality, it will affect your memory. Candidates should not take on too much homework, should only study the main points, otherwise their memory will be overloaded. Relaxing by playing sports, walking, jogging or playing team sports such as soccer, basketball… will help your child relieve stress and academic pressure. When entering the exam room, before reading the exam questions, you should spend about 2 minutes relaxing by relaxing your body, closing your eyes, and then breathing deeply to help you balance your mind and avoid losing your temper. .

5. Guaranteed nutrition

Pay attention to supplementing foods with trace minerals to avoid deficiencies in the body, because these are essential substances for the body’s functions, especially the brain. To increase children’s ability to concentrate, parents need to pay attention to their children’s nutrition , increasing products that are good for the brain such as bananas, salmon, cereals…

Iron helps with memory and ease of learning and cognition. Therefore, you should not lack iron during exam preparation season. Iron is abundant in meat. Iodine plays a role in increasing cognition. Iodine is found in seaweed, fish, shellfish, soybeans, green beans and dairy products.

Among the vitamin groups, B vitamins play an important role in enhancing intellectual ability. In particular, vitamin B9 (folic acid) helps avoid mental fatigue. Vitamin B9 is found in nuts, lettuce, and egg yolks. Vitamin B1 helps increase concentration. B1 is found in many grains and vegetables.

Brain cells are very sensitive and easily damaged when the body is dehydrated. Therefore, every day you must drink at least 1.5 liters of water even when you are not thirsty.

Encourage your child to share about the difficulties he or she is having in learning to help him or her understand deeply and remember knowledge more effectively.

After each exam, parents can buy some of the food their children like the most, or can tell a funny story to make them feel comfortable and confident. reassure students after each exam if they do not do well.

Thus, to help students have good exam results, they need a reasonable study regimen, nutrition, relaxation, exercise, and strong psychological preparation. Prepare your knowledge in advance, don’t wait until the exam to study hard, it won’t be effective.

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