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Top 10 exercises that burn the most calories

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Exercise and sports are always one of the effective ways to control weight and maintain good health. However, to ensure effective weight loss, you should choose exercises that burn the most calories to keep the amount of calories released always higher than the amount of calories absorbed into the body. Through today’s article, California will reveal to you the top 10 exercises that burn the most calories that many people choose today. Let’s explore now. 

1. Cycling 

When it comes to exercises that burn the most calories at home, it’s impossible not to mention Cycling. This is a subject that has a simple method of implementation, does not require too many complicated training techniques, so even if you are just new to physical education and sports, you can still practice on your own. Cycling is also known as a cardio exercise that helps lose weight extremely effectively. For each hour of continuous cycling, the body will burn about 350 – 600 calories.

Not only does it help consume a lot of energy, cycling also helps form and tone muscle areas such as thighs, buttocks or arm muscles. In addition, if teenage children maintain the habit of cycling every day, it will also help improve their height effectively.

Cycling is one of the most calorie-burning exercises favored by most ages (Source: Internet)

2. Body Pump

Among the top most popular calorie-burning exercises, Body Pump is a new and interesting subject, suitable for you to incorporate into your weight loss and fitness regimen. By practicing continuously on vibrant music for about 1 hour, you will burn from 640 calories depending on the intensity of the exercise and the size of the weights you choose.

Body Pump does not require the use of heavy weights like when exercising, you just need to use small, light weight dumbbells that are suitable for your physical condition. Besides the ability to effectively burn excess fat, this exercise also helps the body become firm, protects the musculoskeletal system and trains the body’s flexibility.

Body Pump does not require using too heavy weights during exercise (Source: Internet)

3. Bums N Tums

One of the exercises that burns the most calories that you should choose to practice about 3-4 times a week is Bums N Tums. This is a discipline that includes a series of continuously repeated movements according to the rhythm of the music, creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation when practicing, so it is very suitable for people who are having mental health problems. . For every hour of exercising with Bums N Tums, the body will burn 250 – 600 calories.

In addition to helping you lose weight and stay in shape, Bum N Tums also helps firm your thighs and biceps – parts of the body that are difficult to lose excess fat on. Not only that, when performing this exercise, the cardiovascular system is also affected, helping to prevent heart diseases and blood pressure extremely effectively.

Bum N Tums is the exercise that burns the most calories and brings a feeling of relaxation when exercising (Source: Internet)

4. Body Combat

If you are looking for the most calorie-burning exercise to use to lose weight and stay in shape, don’t miss Body Combat. On average, with each 55-minute Body Combat session, your body will burn up to 570 calories. In addition to helping to consume excess energy, this exercise is also known to help improve muscles, increase cardiovascular endurance and help reduce stress quickly.

Body Combat is a combination of movements from martial arts such as Karatedo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and even Kung Fu. It sounds complicated, but in fact, Body Combat is simpler than you think. Instructors will demonstrate positions such as hooks, uppercuts, jabs, kicks and high knees before performing a series of movements with music to help you adapt to the Body Combat training style.

5. Body Jam

Body Jam is also one of the most calorie-burning exercises that many people choose when trying to lose weight and stay in shape. Known as an aerobics exercise, Body Jam is an exercise that combines basic cardio movements and vibrant dances such as Salsa, Hiphop, Funk or Disco,… In fact, with one session Exercising Body Jam for one hour, you will burn 545 calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight “fast”, Body Jam is the right suggestion for you.

For Body Jam, because it is a dance-oriented sport, it does not focus too much on a certain muscle area so it can be practiced every day.

Body Combat not only helps lose weight but also helps improve muscles effectively (Source: Internet)

6. Step

If you want to have a “fiery” body, don’t miss the Step exercise. This is a type of aerobics exercise using steps with a height of 10 – 30 cm. When practicing, the coach will design movements according to the rhythm of the music to create a feeling of comfort and excitement for you. With 30 minutes of continuous activity with this subject, the body will burn 295 calories. In addition to helping you lose weight and stay in shape effectively, Step also positively affects muscle groups such as buttocks, thigh muscles, arm muscles,… and helps these parts become firm, slimmer.

Steps and movements follow the music rhythm to create a feeling of excitement when exercising (Source: Internet)

7. Stomp

Stomp is the most calorie-burning exercise favored by gymers because this type of exercise mainly uses bodybuilding techniques to help you lose weight and at the same time, improve the health of your cardiovascular system. During each hour of exercise, Stomp can also help the body burn up to 650 calories, thereby increasing energy consumption and eliminating “stubborn” excess fat in parts that are difficult to lose such as biceps and muscles. thighs,… You can combine exercise with your favorite music and Stomp to create more inspiration when practicing.

Stomp asks for bodybuilding techniques while exercising (Source: Internet)

8. Zumba

Among the list of exercises that burn the most calories to help lose weight effectively, Zumba is a name chosen by many people. According to studies, each hour of Zumba dancing will help burn up to 600 – 700 calories. The movements in Zumba not only help lose weight and burn excess fat, but also help improve the health of the cardiovascular system, reduce stress and pressure, and effectively relieve the mind.

Zumba is the exercise that burns the most calories to help relieve stress and pressure (Source: Internet)

9. Sexy Dance

Sexy Dance has long been a subject chosen by many women to lose weight and stay in shape. However, few people know that this is also the exercise that burns the most calories. For every hour spent with Zumba, the body will eliminate 500 – 600 calories. The movements in Sexy Dance force the abdominal muscles to work at full capacity, thereby helping to “fly away” excess fat in this area that is almost difficult to lose. In addition, Sexy Dance also helps correct posture, regain balance and effectively reduce stress.

Sexy Dance helps lose weight and regain a slim figure effectively (Source: Internet)

10. Drumfit

Drumfit is the perfect “soundtrack” between Yoga, Pilates, music and lightweight drumsticks to create fun and catchy melodies with you as the musician. Drumfit requires smooth coordination between body parts during exercise, so it helps burn a lot of calories. Besides, this is also an exercise known to help the body become firmer, more supple and flexible.

Drumfit lets you become a musician for your own “symphony” (Source: Internet)

Above are the top 10 exercises that burn the most calories chosen by many people. Hopefully after reading the article, you will find movements that suit your preferences and physical condition to apply to lose weight and stay in shape today.

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