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What do elderly people need to do to make walking more effective?

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PT Health Life – Walking is one of the popular subjects chosen by many elderly people, this is also a safe activity for the elderly. However, not everyone knows how to walk effectively and avoid injuries.

Walking brings many benefits to the elderly such as helping maintain weight, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes , reducing blood pressure, preventing osteoporosis , improving mental health, improving balance…

To walk effectively, elderly people need to take the following steps:

1. Consult a specialist before walking

Before starting to walk, older people should consult a specialist to find the appropriate level of exercise. This is an extremely important step because elderly people often suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, bone and joint diseases , respiratory diseases …

Therefore, exercising with inappropriate intensity, strenuous exercise, high-intensity exercise for long periods of time, and incorrect posture can all lead to injury or aggravate the condition of existing diseases. infected.

When elderly people feel they have health problems, even if they are not serious, they should still consult a doctor to choose activities suitable for each person’s physical condition. Or elderly people can do a general health check before choosing any sport or physical activity.

Walking helps improve the health and well-being of the elderly in many ways.

2. Listen to your body

Older people can turn walking into a daily activity that resembles a habit. However, while exercising, older people still need to listen to their bodies. If the speed makes you feel out of breath but you can still talk, then this is considered the ideal exercise intensity.

If while exercising, the elderly feel health abnormalities or experience injury or pain… please notify the doctor about this issue.

Elderly people should walk about 30 minutes a day with moderate intensity.

3. How long should elderly people walk per week?

An Australian guideline on physical activity and behavior guidelines recommends that older people (aged 65 and over) should maintain moderate-intensity activity for about 30 minutes a day.

Before walking, elderly people should warm up carefully and stretch before and after walking. Older people can choose to walk at a steady pace for a long period of time or in short bursts, at a fast pace, or choose to go uphill or up stairs. These activities all bring health benefits to the body.

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