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Why do men lose sexual desire?

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PT Health Life – Reduced sexual desire can be a warning sign of some diseases related to the testicles or can also be caused by an unscientific lifestyle.

Many men do not know that decreased sexual desire can be the result of many different diseases. With a stressful life, an unscientific lifestyle and an increase in metabolic disorders , the number of men with reduced libido is increasing. 

Some common conditions in men are ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction , premature ejaculation … and especially now reduced sexual desire is also seen in many young men.

1. Middle-aged men have decreased sexual desire

Entering the age of 30, testosterone levels in the male body will begin to decline. Every year, testosterone levels will decrease by 1-5%. Age 35 is middle age for men, and when testosterone declines to a certain extent, it causes decreased libido. Because this hormone is the deciding factor in penis erection as well as male desire.

However, at this age, men often have to face problems in life, work pressure and easily experience stress that inhibits the nerves and reduces the ability to produce testosterone.

A decrease in testosterone can be the cause of decreased libido in middle-aged men.

Along with that, middle age is also the time when men are susceptible to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, blood fat, hypertension , gout… These diseases are also factors that make erectile dysfunction worse and causes loss of desire.

In addition, many men, when experiencing decreased libido, often seek to relieve their mood by eliminating stimulants such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc. Invisibly, this creates a pathological spiral for themselves.

If women have menopause when they reach middle age, men also have andropause. This biochemical syndrome causes a serious decrease in testosterone hormone, leading to a variety of biochemical disorders that significantly affect the reproductive health and psychological health of men.

Previously, decreased libido was common in middle-aged people due to the aging process as well as life pressures, but now many young men have this problem. So, why do young men have decreased libido?

Decreased sexual desire in men is tending to rejuvenate due to life pressure.

For young men, the average frequency of sex can be about 2-3 times/week. If men under the age of 30 experience decreased sexual desire, it may stem from the following causes:

  • Psychological effects due to conflicts in married life or due to the couple being too careless, not knowing how to take care of themselves, personality changes… When the psychology and physiology of the spouse is changed, it can cause deterioration. lust.
  • Stress: The cause of stress can come from pressure in daily life (work, economics…). And when men are stressed, they will not have time to relax and rest properly for the body to regenerate hormones.
  • Pathology: Testosterone is produced in the testicles, so people with genital-related diseases such as epididymitis, orchitis , varicocele … or men who work in high-temperature environments can also be affected. causes decline in testicular function… People who regularly masturbate will easily develop the habit of wanting to control excitement, desire and satisfy themselves without needing a partner.

Above are the causes of decreased libido in men of different ages. If men experience decreased libido and observe that when they wake up in the morning, their penis is not erect, they should go to a male medical facility for examination and find the cause.

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