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Why do young men also suffer from decreased sexual desire?

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PT Health Life – Reduced sexual desire is not only found in middle-aged people, but many young men also experience this condition. So why do young men have decreased libido, is it due to physiological weakness or not?

1. What is decreased desire?

Among sexual dysfunctions in men, libido deficiency dysfunction has recently emerged . In men, the most common problems in the past were erectile dysfunction , premature ejaculation , ejaculation disorders , and then decreased libido. However, today, decreased libido in men is more common and tends to rejuvenate.

Previously, decreased libido was often mentioned in middle-aged people due to advanced age, declining health, poor endocrine system… However, recently decreased libido is seen in people with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. . So what is the cause of decreased desire?

2. Causes of decreased libido in men

Causes of decreased libido can be divided into two age groups to easily distinguish young men (under 35 years old) and middle-aged men (over 35 years old).

2.1 Why do men under 35 years old lose desire?

Normally this is the most fertile age in terms of reproductive health in general and sexual desire in particular. Frequency of sexual intercourse can be 2-3 times/week. The cause of decreased libido at this age is due to hormones. Instead, there are external causes such as:

– Pressure from life, work, economics… causes stress on the body. When the body is stressed, it has no time to rest, relax and no time to regenerate energy and produce hormones.

It can stem from conflicts in the relationship between husband and wife, not knowing how to take care of themselves too casually, personality changes… affecting the psychology of both husband and wife, causing decreased desire.

Diseases that men suffer from such as varicocele , testicular abnormalities (orchitis, epididymitis), people who have to work in a tiring, hot environment causing decline in testicular function… Men Men who masturbate frequently . When men masturbate a lot, they will master excitement, desire and be satisfied with this without needing a partner. This is the cause of men’s decreased desire.

Loss of libido in men can be due to many reasons, men need to visit specialized medical facilities to overcome this condition.

2.2 Decreased libido in middle-aged men

Starting at age 30, men’s testosterone begins to decline, over a year this index decreases by 1-5%. Over the age of 35, men begin to enter middle age with a decline in testosterone levels to a level that causes decreased libido. Testosterone will determine the desire and erection of the penis . At this age, men are in the “mature” stage of their career, which means a lot of life pressure, increased stress causes nerve inhibition and reduces the ability to produce testosterone.

Besides, at this age, men are often susceptible to systemic diseases such as blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, blood fat, etc. These invisible diseases cause erectile dysfunction and depression. Severe loss of desire. When the loss of libido becomes more severe, men tend to seek psychological relief methods such as drinking alcohol, smoking, etc., thereby creating a pathological spiral.

Just like women aged 40-50 experience menopause, middle-aged men also experience andropause. This is a biochemical syndrome that causes serious decline in testosterone levels. When testosterone decreases, it will cause a series of biochemical disorders that affect spirit, intelligence, reproductive health…

Loss of libido now occurs at many ages. However, when men have decreased libido and the penis is not erect in the morning, they should go to reputable andrology medical facilities for examination.

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