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Why does applying moisturizer cause my face to burn?

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PT Health Life – Moisturizing plays a particularly important role in maintaining healthy, firm skin. However, in some cases there may be stinging and burning after applying the cream. So what is the cause of this situation?

1. The role of moisturizing skin in dry weather

dry weather with low temperatures and lack of moisture damages the skin protective barrier, making it difficult for the skin to retain moisture, leading to increased dehydration and vulnerable. Therefore, if not properly cared for and moisturized , the skin can become rough, flaky and age prematurely . In addition, exposure to cold, dry air can make wrinkles more obvious, promoting existing skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis …

Moisturizers prevent water loss and retain moisture, helping to restore the skin’s protective barrier, which is an important first step in combating dry skin in cold weather. Dry skin doesn’t just appear on the face, you should prevent this condition all over your body to keep your skin moisturized during this dry season.

Moisturizers prevent water loss and retain moisture, helping to restore the skin’s protective barrier, which is a crucial first step in combating dry skin.

2. Why does applying lotion sting?

Moisturizer helps provide moisture, softens the skin and replenishes necessary nutrients. In some cases, you may experience stinging, tingling, and burning.

Accordingly, some reasons can explain this phenomenon such as:

– Skin irritation to ingredients of lotion: Some lotions may contain paraben , mineral oil, fragrance… which can cause skin irritation when used, especially for sensitive skin . In addition, skin care products containing strong ingredients such as retinol, BHA, AHA, vitamin C… can also increase the risk of skin burning and irritation.

– Choosing the wrong cream: There are many different skin types from oily skin , combination skin, dry skin, so choosing skin care products needs to be very careful because each skin type will be suitable for different creams. different. Therefore, using a cream that is not suitable for your skin can also cause skin irritation and burning.

– Skin is in a sensitive, irritated state : In some cases when the skin is in a sensitive state, you should not use any cosmetics, you should only gently clean with water and other products. mild product. If you continue to use special care products as when your skin is healthy, burning and redness are inevitable.

– Expired or damaged lotion due to improper storage: Any type of skin care cosmetic has a certain shelf life and storage requirements such as temperature and humidity to ensure the quality of the product. Products. If the cream is not stored properly or has expired, the ingredients often change, easily causing stinging, skin irritation, acne… when used.

In addition, fake and low-quality lotion products are also one of the reasons why your skin becomes irritated.

Some creams may contain parabens, mineral oils, fragrances,… which can cause skin irritation when used.

3. What should I do if my face burns after applying moisturizer?

If your skin feels burning or irritated after applying lotion, you should:

  • Stop using that cream product, and wash the product off your skin with clean water or mild facial cleanser.
  • You can apply skin soothing measures such as mineral spray, applying aloe vera gel…
  • In case of severe irritation, see a dermatologist for appropriate solutions.
  • Be careful not to scratch, to avoid increasing skin damage.
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